Club Sports Team Captain of the Week

This week’s Club Sports Team Celebrity of the week is Todd Havill!

Todd, a Boston College junior and Wayne, New Jersey native, is the Vice President of the Club Golf Team. 

What exactly is the Boston College Club Golf Team?

The BC Club Golf Team is a squad of highly skilled, single-digit handicap golfers who probably played competitively in high school and are looking to continue doing so in college. We compete in regional tournaments throughout New England and national tournaments someplace warmer. We usually organize practices at the local course down the road called Newton Commonwealth Golf Club. It’s both a fall and spring program as a part of the National Collegiate Club Golf Association.

What has been the highlight of your season so far?

We had a bunch of seniors from the team graduate, so this fall has been a major rebuilding year for us. We were fortunate enough to land some solid talent in the freshman and sophomore class and compiled a pretty impressive team. We took second in both of our regional tournaments and brought hardware back home to the trophy case. Always a good feeling.

What is your favorite part of the team?

We have a great group of guys– plenty of characters, that’s for sure. All of us have become great friends and it’s a lot of fun getting off campus and traveling to different states for tournaments.

What do you look forward to most in the spring season?

Now that we have our team figured out, it is time to buckle down and land a couple first place finishes in the spring. There’s no question we have the talent to get that done. It simply comes down to us beating our biggest rival, University of New Hampshire. You know, they’re that team with all the custom merchandise and a personal coach. No one wants them on top. So come this winter, you can find us in the Alumni bubble getting prepared. We’ll be ready.