Campus Celebrity: BC Dynamics

If you have ever heard the talented voices of the members of the BC Dynamics, you know that they are a artistic group of individuals who entertain us with their songs. Her Campus BC had the chance to find out more about this awesome a capella group!

Who makes up the BC Dynamics? What makes your acapella group unique?

We are a group of about 15-20 singers, co-ed, and from different classes. Our group is unique because we not only make great music, but we make great memories while doing so. The Dynamics past and present are such a close-knit family that I always feel like I’m at home with them.

What type of music genres do you sing? Do you have classics that have been a tradition to sing? Do you do any mash ups? What does the audience seem to love?

We sing a mix of Top 40, Pop, Country, R&B, and Rock. Our two classics are “Video Killed the Radio Star” by Buggles, and “Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing (which we sing with our alumni at Café)! We also have an awesome mashup of “We Found Love” by Rihanna and “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston! That one is a huge hit with the audience.

How do you and the other members of BC Dynamics work as a team?

We naturally spend so much time together that we end up being really good friends! We try to grab late night after rehearsal and hang out on Thursdays. Also, apart from rehearsal we do small group projects, which give people in different classes a chance to sing together.

How many performances do you have each year? Are there any performances that are your “big showcase?”

We have about 3 shows a semester, but we perform at larger concerts organized by campus organizations (like the Campus School or Global Zero) almost every other week! This spring our two biggest shows are “BADASS” (BEATS and Dynamics Annual Spring Show) and our Spring Café! Café happens every semester, and it’s our big show where we perform our entire repertoire.

Do you do any performances with other groups at BC or other groups in Boston?

I mentioned this above, but we often do shows with the Beats, Bostonians, Acoustics, and The Heightsmen. It’s common for one group on campus to host an invitational where they invite one group from off campus and one BC group.

What has been the highlight of being a member of BC Dynamics?

I absolutely love bonding before performances. We have all these traditions and moments which have made me feel like I really have a family here at BC.

To find out more about the BC Dynamics, check out their website, YouTube page, and Facebook page!