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The Best Summer Job in America (Literally)


The issue: Everyone wants that job-snagging internship on their resume, but who wants to waste their last truly free summer(s) doing tedious work?  As it turns out, you can have the best of both worlds. Well, at least BC students Grff Stark-Ennis and Nico Ricciradi can.

Jack Wills, the British fashion line for college students, announced in February that they were looking for, “the coolest, most outgoing and motivated students” for what they call the “Best Summer Job in America.” The internship involves a 3-month long immersion into the partying, vacationing life of Jack Wills, and pays the interns—that’s right, they actually pay them—to travel to the most fabulous summer sites in the U.S., go to important, high-end parties, and take a week-long trip to London to spend time at Jack Wills headquarters.  The mission of the internship is to “learn how to market the U.S.’s fastest growing retail brands,” in the best way possible.

The contest was open to juniors and seniors, and winners will be provided with a living space in the Jack Wills mansion, a Land Rover to drive, and a job at a local Jack Wills store.

As the press release itself states: “Students, when not working in the retail store, should expect to spend time hanging out on the beach, sailing and surfing during the day, and organizing a variety of events, all while learning the ins and outs of successfully marketing a retail brand.”

Sounds too good to be true… However, as it turns out, this might be the future for Boston College students.  Griff Stark-Ennis and Nico Ricciardi are both finalists, and are now in the process of preparing for the “scavenger hunt” trial portion.  The Top 10 finalists from all over Boston will be hunting down items from a prepared list on Newbury Street, and winners will be flown to Martha’s Vineyard for the FINAL interview. Best wishes, guys! 

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