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The Best Parts of Sox Opening Day


Opening Day is one of my favorite days of the year. Seeing the best teams in baseball on the field for the first time this year is so exciting, and it reminds us that there’s a full year of baseball to come! While today marks Opening Day for the MLB, the real fun is the home opener for your favorite team – sorry Yankees fans, but I’ll be talking about the Red Sox as my example. What’s so great about Opening Day, you ask? Well here are just a few of many reasons why I had a countdown for it on my phone.

1. Knowing There Will Be So Many More Games

Opening Day is just the start. After this game, there are at least 160 on their way… and that’s if your team doesn’t make it to the postseason! It’s time to enjoy the summer filled with baseball games.

2. Seeing The New Guys

If you follow your team in the pre-season, then you probably are already set on the new faces. For everybody else, Opening Day is the first time to see the new additions. This is the time to choose a new player to cheer extra-loud for.

3. Seeing Our Favorites

Of course, we all have our favorite players from the team that we love and just have to get their jerseys. Seeing them at bat for the first time for the year is so exciting, and shows how great of a season they have to come!

4. The Atmosphere

If you’re lucky enough to be at Opening Day, you will understand. There is nothing like the roaring crowd when the lineup is announced, when the game starts, and, of course, when our team gets their first home run of the season! Being a part of the atmosphere at a ballpark is one of the best feelings, and being there as the season is just starting to flourish is even better than normal.

5. The Food

Again, if you get to go to Opening Day, that means that you get to eat all of the best baseball food. Fenway Franks, popcorn, fried dough, ice cream in a baseball hat – these are just a few of the delicious treats that get to be enjoyed starting on Opening Day. Even if you’re just watching from your dorm room, you can still be excited that you will probably get to have some of these delights soon!

6. Watching The Game

This one is obvious. The very best part of Opening Day is getting to watch your favorite team play and (hopefully) win! Whether it’s the Red Sox or the Yankees, the Dodgers or the Phillies, enjoy the game and cheer loudly!


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