Best Christmas Movies on Netflix

As finals season approaches, we will all be hunting for things that allow us to procrastinate. Movies are a great way to do that because it takes your mind off studying and allows you to relax and escape into another world for a couple hours. And at this time of year, my favorite movies to watch are Christmas movies! So here is a list of some of my favorite Christmas movies that are on Netflix right now.

White Christmas

This classic holiday film always makes me feel the Christmas spirit. The music and old Hollywood magic combine in a perfect film for the holiday season.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

While I prefer the original movie better, this live-action film is a close second. If you are feeling Grinch-y due to finals, try turning this movie on and maybe the Whos of Whoville will help you feel the magic of Christmas like they help the Grinch.

Fireplace and Melodies for the Holidays

At first glance, this may seem like such a silly idea for a movie (does it even qualify as a movie?). But for us college students living in dorms that lack that holiday homey feel, this fireplace and Christmas music can be the touch you need to your room to feel that holiday spirit.

The Santa Clause 1-3 (coming to Netflix December 12)

The Santa Clause movies are holiday classics that in my opinion should be watched at least once every year. The comedy and a lovable Santa Clause make this movie one of the great ones for the Christmas season.

A Christmas Prince

This movie is a Netflix original that just came out. Everyone loves the classics at Christmas, but sometimes you need a good cheesy romantic Christmas movie, and this movie is an excellent choice. To sum up the movie in one sentence it is about a journalist who falls for a prince at Christmas time – what more could you want in a cheesy holiday rom-com?

This list is just a starting point for the many great holiday movies out there. Unfortunately, this year it seems some of the best won’t be coming to Netflix, so you may have to get creative in order to find your favorite holiday film! And, if you can’t find a favorite, be open to watching new ones because who knows it may become your new favorite holiday movie!