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The Best of Both Worlds: 3 Movies that Combine Career and Love

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

One movie that is the perfect sweet spot between inspiration for women and rom-com vibes with the sweetest relationships is Legally Blonde. This movie is iconic, but there always seems to be a small list of movies that fall under this category. Here are some movies on Netflix that will make you fall in love and feel inspired to go out and live a strong and independent life.


  1. Big Miracle 

Have you watched The Office one too many times but still need to see John Krasinski on your screen? Also, do you love Drew Barrymore? Then this movie is perfect. Krasinski plays Adam Carlson, who is a reporter in Alaska looking for a big break. He gets a little more than expected when the story he breaks is about a family of whales trapped in the enclosing ice. Barrymore’s character, Rachel Kramer, happens to be his fiery ex-girlfriend and a powerhouse environmental activist. The story picks up, and feuding journalists, one played by the amazing Kristen Bell, flock to this tiny town, and the ensuing dramatics are brilliant.


2. Nappliy Ever After

This movie can only be described as empowering. Violet has the perfect job and is on the way to her perfect life with her perfect soon-to-be fiancé. Another perfect part of Violet is her hair. As a Black woman, she has groomed her natural hair to fit with society’s standards, but she snaps after a bad hair appointment and failed birthday party. What follows is a beautiful story of Violet finding her identity and genuinely accepting it. Another major perk is the gorgeous and sensitive Will, who just happens to be a successful hairdresser with the cutest daughter. 


3. The New Romantic 

College can be an extremely confusing place, but there are many different outlets to explore who you are and what you want from life. Blake, who is played by one of the Netflix’s stars from The End of The F****** World, experiences and writes about her own trials in romance in her column for her college newspaper. She decides to take her life into her own hands and takes the initiative to follow her new friends down an interesting path of life. While she is experiencing the highs and lows of identity finding, her arch-nemesis in the newspaper, Jacob, played by the adorable Brett Dier from Jane the Virgin, always happens to pop in at the wrong but perfect time. 


Grab some popcorn and go binge these three movies! 


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