Being a Model at College Fashion Week

On Saturday, September 24th Her Campus presented Boston’s College Fashion Week at Space 57 at the Revere Hotel. It was such an incredible experience! Don’t let the name fool you, this did not look like anything college students would be involved with. The venue was fantastic and the show did not disappoint. With a step and repeat, a candy bar, swag bags, sponsor displays, and the opportunity to look at gorgeous clothes who wouldn’t want to go?

I was exceptionally lucky and had the opportunity to model in the show! Models were treated to makeup and blowouts courtesy of the DryBar. It was so much fun being able to try on new and trendy outfits, with pieces from Vince Camuto and Rebecca Minkoff. There were four shows throughout the night, each with its own theme: Study Chic, Festival, Rush, and Girls Night Out.

Not only did the models get to walk in a real fashion show, we were also able to take home incredible gifts. Just a few of the many things we received included a Fitbit Flex 2, a gift certificate to the DryBar, and the Bertha watch we wore in the show!

It was so inspiring to meet the women who make Her Campus possible, especially Windsor Hanger Western, President & Publisher of Her Campus, Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, CEO & Editor-In-Chief, and Annie Wang, CPO & Creative Director.

The show is so amazing that Her Campus is bringing it to New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles throughout the fall. Thank you so much to Her Campus and all of the College Fashion Week sponsors for creating this spectacular event!

Photo Sources:

Vanessa Sewell