Beanie Babies to Starbucks Stars

Recently, I accomplished what I see as one of the greatest achievements of my 21 years: becoming a Starbucks Gold Card Member. After bragging to fellow HC BC member Morgan, she joked about how we have gone from collecting Beanie Babies to collecting Starbucks Gold Stars. This got me thinking about all of the collections we have throughout the years, so I amassed this list of what HC BC girls have collected during elementary, middle, high school, and college.  Enjoy!

Elementary School

-       Beanie Babies

-       Barbies

-       Hit Clips

-       Mary Kate and Ashley VHSs

-       McDonalds Happy Meal toys

-       Butterfly clips

-       American Girl dolls

Middle School

-       Lip glosses and Lip Smackers

-       Different state quarters

-       j14 and M cut outs of cute boys

-       Bar and bat mitzvah clothing

-       Cool sayings for AIM away messages

-       Flare jeans

-       Rubber bracelets

High School

-       College sweatshirts, pennants

-       MP3s

-       Pandora charms

-       Silly bandz

-       Facebook friends



-       Starbucks Gold Stars

-       Books

-       Makeup

-       Alex & Ani bracelets

-       Coupons, Sephora VIB points, Express Next dollars, etc.

-       Wine bottle corks

-       Gold Points

-       Concert, sports, and movie ticket stubs

-       Shoes


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