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BC Q&A Part II: Senior Asks a Freshman

Believe it or not, just four short years ago, each senior was a freshman! One of the coolest seniors I know asked me a few questions to try to find out if anything has changed during the past four years (spoiler: not really!). It is the traditions that make BC so, well… BC! For the freshmen, it’s comforting knowing that the “big kids” went through the same experiences we are now going through. For the seniors, I imagine it’s nice having a little reminder of what it was like to be a clueless freshman…and that BC won’t be changing any time too soon!

Morgan’s freshmen floor (Hardey 3) shows some things never change as they still got together for Christmas this year, 4 years after their Newton days.

Q: What do you really think of the Mods? How many people are really convinced that even if they don’t know anyone there they will get in? Do freshmen want to live there senior year?

A: The Mods may be one of the grimiest places on campus, yet people still love them. Freshmen worship the Mods at the beginning of the year. Typical scene: single boy corralling five freshmen girls in order for him to get in based off this idealistic “ratio.” Truly, if you’re a girl you have more chances of getting into a Mod, but it can be hit or miss. There is a group of boys on my floor who were referred to as the “Mod Pod” because they had impressive luck with sneaking into Mods. However, their attempts have died down (maybe because it was cold out?). BC students recognize the Mods as a necessary evil—just a BC thing.

Q: Is there a Newton/Upper rivalry? What are the main arguments for each side?

A: For sure! Upper kids think they’re better… But everyone knows that Stuart is the superior dining hall and that the camaraderie is unmatchable. Can you tell I live on Newton? Haha! In all seriousness, the Newton bus is awful, but once you’re back at Newton, you’re happy! Upper argues the obvious: convenience (and no bus). Newtonites grow to be more responsible due to the fact that they have to pack their whole lives with them for the day. However, there is a comfort in taking the bus back to your home… and the hot law students aren’t too bad.

Q: At this point, do you think that freshmen would call their college friends or their high school friends their best friends?

A: The time you spend with your college friends puts friendships on hyper-speed. College is like one big sleepover! You love your high school friends for the sake of familiarity and hometown gossip, but you’re closer with your college friends (At least that is what my college friends say). When you’re back for breaks, you snap back to normal (or at least what was normal for so long) with your high school friends; and the space apart only leads to more things to talk about and more boys to stalk on Facebook!

Q: How intense was housing? I know it can be stressful and friendships can fall apart… did you witness this?

A: Ha! Just about the most pathetic experience of your life. Needless to say, I’m on CoRo! I witnessed friendships break over the dumbest situation: dorm rooms! I’m happy where I’m living because I did get the best of the worst—triple with a bathroom on CoRo. But, it was not a good experience and awkwardness is a slowly healing wound.

Q: How intimidating is your RA/RD?

A: Ugh! My RA… No, I’m just kidding. I actually have a GSA and she’s pretty cool! And if she wasn’t, I’d have to say she is because she’s definitely reading this… Haha! In all seriousness, Courtney is very nice and has made my freshman year all the better! My RD is great, too! She actually allowed me to host a community service project in my building, so I’m not really intimidated by her either!

Q: Freshmen boys- are they still somewhat aggressive? Also, do they still love to play video games till 4 in the morning?

A: Freshmen boys are basically thirteen-year-olds. So, if they get a chance to get with a girl, they cannot control their hands. In their defense, being at the bottom of the “food chain” is pretty hard to endure, I would imagine. There are a countable number of freshmen boys who you can have a regular conversation with. The rest of them? They are still in love with Legos and Pokemon and other odd little boy toys. Video games until 4 in the morning is a rather common phenomenon. Honestly, I’m not sure if they are aware of the fact that they are no longer in middle school. Do they ever change?! Senior Feedback: The jury is still out there on this one!

Q: Do you think you’ve acquired BC mannerisms or a BC fashion-sense over the past year?

A: There is definitely a BC identity and it is a fashion-conscious one. Not every girl or boy showcases the BC look, but there definitely is one that a lot of people fashion. For boys, it is preppy. Unless they are athletes, then it is the athletic sweats with Beats headphones (along with the height of a giant). Girls have the fashion-forward look that has a high emphasis on accessories. And on girls’ off-days, Lululemons paired with bright Nikes, a BC hat, and a quarter-zip is the go-to. Most of my friends consider me a “BC girl”… and I love it!

Q: What are you looking forward to when you’re a senior at BC?

A: Honestly, the thought of being a senior is pretty scary—I want to stay a freshman forever! But I’m really excited to live in a Mod (it’s going to happen because Newton to CoRo is only fair). I’m also looking forward to leading groups. I hope that I am able to work my way to the top of the activities I participate in. I suppose I’m excited for solidifying a job position. But, I’m not really that excited for senior year yet. Senior Feedback: Good mindset, live every present moment to the fullest here at BC!

Q: Communal bathrooms…what are your thoughts?

A: I often wonder if animals have a cleaner bathroom space than I do. It’s nothing against the cleaning crew; the girls are disgusting. Black hairs are everywhere: showers, drains, sinks, toilets… Now this is rather horrific for me since my blonde hair hardly shows up anywhere. In addition, some girls enjoy leaving food in the sink (why?!) and decorating the floor with toilet paper and paper towels. The handicap bathroom floods the floor so walking over to your shower caddy is equivalent to a journey through a river basin. Also! Someone stole my conditioner… Like, really?! If it’s not obvious, I’m psyched for my own bathroom next year.


Q: What do you think of the senior class of 2014?

A: Every senior I know is pretty awesome! I hear the Mods are lame in comparison to previous years, but I wouldn’t know any better. I think it’s going to be weird without the senior class next year because I feel like many of them are very defining of the groups they are a part of. Bridgette and Brian are the faces of Synergy, Pom Squad will be weird without Nikki and Corrine, Cheer is going to miss Kaleigh, and what will Her Campus BC be without “the Gibbons twins” and Kelsey?! I love the senior class!

Q: What is a typical freshman’s idea of what MA’s is REALLY like?

A: I mean, it’s not like I’ve been inside to experience the window-less, jam-packed box that is MA’s… Most freshmen have the idea that it is great. Everyone knows that there is not a more BC hotspot and freshmen dream of going there in hopes the “athletic bouncers” let them in. A few freshmen think that MA’s might be passé once we are seniors, but I don’t think so; BC is pretty into traditions. Senior feedback: Senior Tuesdays at MA”s will NEVER be passé…or so I hope.

Q: What are you expecting your first Marathon Monday to be like?

A: Well, our RAs just gave us a scary talk on how we must behave. That being said, I’m a little nervous for my first Marathon Monday given what happened last year. It’s comforting how much effort the city is putting into protecting onlookers and runners, but the prospect of getting searched if you have a bag is just a little unnerving. I’m not really sure what the Marathon is like, but I’m excited to say I’m a part of it! However, I think this Marathon will be much different from previous years for obvious reasons.

If you missed it, look for the prequel to this article: “BC Q&A: Freshman asks a Senior” where the best senior I know answered all of the lost freshman questions!


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