Balancing Friends, Family, and You Over Break

With Thanksgiving break right around the corner, everyone’s phones are blowing up with texts from high school friends. Everyone wants to catch up and hear all the details of your life. Not only do your friends want to know all the ins and outs of your life at college, but they also want to relive some of your favorite high school memories and traditions, meaning tons of days out and about your old town.

At the same time, your family cannot stop reminding you about how much they miss you and cannot wait to spend every minute with you. Your mom has already planned out every dinner so you can fit in all your favorites, and your dad assumes you will spend endless hours talking to him about your life plans. Your parents picture Thanksgiving break with you not only eating a turkey dinner with them, but also spending every night family bonding with board games and movies.

Not to forget, all the things you need to do for yourself. It has been a tough semester and you are exhausted. In order to feel ready for school you know you need to spend part of the break doing homework and just sleeping. You really don’t want to return from break and find yourself falling asleep on top of your textbooks as you prepare for a major exam.

Don’t fret though, because you can fit it all in with some easy time management strategies. For one, communication is key to not becoming overwhelmed. If your family and friends don’t know how busy of a schedule you have, then they are more likely to be surprised and taken back when you can’t dedicate all your time to them. Most likely your friends are having the same challenges you are with balancing friends and family, and they will understand.

Another idea is to incorporate spending time with people with some errands and activities that you need to schedule during break. For instance, if you need to get your nails done, get a haircut, and buy some winter accessories, bring your friends along. If you are honest that you don’t have time to dilly-dally, your friends will be more than accommodating and be willing to tag along with you on you errands.

Overall, the most important take away from this article is that you shouldn’t be afraid to say no. While you want may want to please everyone, trying to juggle too much will just lead to resentment and frustration towards those you love. Plus, you need to love yourself as much as you care for others, which means taking that time to prioritize your needs.

In the end, take a deep breath and enjoy your Thanksgiving break!


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