Back to School Firsts

It’s back to school season, and while that may mark the end of summer, it also marks the start of a brand new beginning. There is something special about all the “firsts” we go through, and it’s especially fun when there are so many firsts to look forward to at the start of a school year. Here are just some of the exciting things we have to look forward to at the start of this year.


First Day Seeing School Friends Again

That first time seeing all of your friends after a summer (or semester) apart is probably the best first on this list because you get to feel all the emotions! There’s nothing quite like catching up and hanging out with friends who feel like family.

First Day Outfits

While finding the perfect “first day” outfit can be a little stressful, it is also SO exciting. It’s fun to figure out which dress or shirt is going to make your summer tan stand out and let the world know you have great style.

First Day of Classes

Some may say the academic aspect of a new school year is not exciting, but they’d be wrong. The first day of classes is always something to look forward to because (usually) you don’t have any work to do, you just get to check out who is in your class, and see whether or not the professor is cool. 

First Time In Your New Dorm

An empty dorm room may not seem thrilling at first, but when you actually get there and set up all of your cute stuff it’s a great feeling. The first day is when you get to make your room your home.

First Party Back

A “firsts” list wouldn’t be complete without that first party back. Similar to the first time seeing your friends, the first party back is great to see all the people who you may not call friends exactly but who’ve come to miss during the summer excitement. 


Whatever your feelings about coming back to college, there has to be something exciting for you in at least one of these “firsts.” If not, maybe it’s time you try something new for the VERY first time (like going into the city or trying a new restaurant in town) and you might just enjoy it!