The Bachelor Girls Ranked

The Bachelor has been every girl’s guilty pleasure for 21 seasons, and this season is no exception. With Nick as the Bachelor, every Monday has been an adventure. Season 21 is filled with every type of girl imaginable, whether that be sassy, classy, or trashy. Now I have mixed feelings about Nick, but let that be besides the point. Here are my top 5 girls from this season, good and bad!


Danielle M.

OK, how can you not love Danielle M.? She is GORGEOUS, a nurse, and a southern belle… I mean c’mon. Also, not to mention that she looks a little like Taylor Swift. Clearly Nick saw something in her too, since he did take her on the first one-on-one. Danielle M. has my vote and I hope Nick see’s how great she is too.



I think Vanessa started off really great. She won over America when she told us she was a Special Ed teacher, but I think she has started to decline in Nick’s eyes since she was upfront with him. Everyone has seen Corrine’s wild acts, and when Vanessa got real with him, he took it poorly. Still rooting for you, Vanessa, don’t settle!



So I used to like Taylor. I thought she was extremely bright, well mannered, and beautiful, but she has been getting on my nerves recently. I get that Corinne has been causing drama in the house, but girl chill. Every episode is another fight between Corinne and Taylor! If Nick is actually into Corrine, then I think the girls need to see that Corrine maybe isn’t the problem… surprise, IT’S NICK! Also, she constantly talks down to Corrine, and I’m not a fan of that at all, even if you do have your PhD at 23.



Is Alexis anyone else’s favorite? I do not think that Alexis and Nick will end up together, but she is hilarious. I mean who celebrates her boobs’ 1st birthday on national television? Alexis does, that’s who, and she is a star in my eyes. She always has funny one-liners, and she honestly makes the show for me. Also, she’s an aspiring dolphin trainer, like what? You do you, Alexis.



Where do I start? Corinne is the girl that everyone loves to hate. There are girls like her on every season, and unfortunately, sometimes they win. Does anyone remember Ben and Courtney… yeah that happened. Corinne has definitely taken over the show, and everyone hates her because of the drama she causes, but who is gonna miss her when she is gone? Me, that’s right, because who doesn’t love drama when they aren’t apart of it.


Clearly it's a very diverse group of girls, but I think that is what makes the Bachelor so great. Good luck to all the girls, you make my Mondays better, that's for sure!