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Attention Everyone: Starbucks is Here

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

It all started with this tweet.

Then, it arrived. Starbucks in Mac.

Now, the line to get my “Nutella & Go!” cup is at least five minutes. What used to be a quick one-minute affair turned into a five (or more) minute wait. Last week, I picked up my favorite Nutella snack, little did I know, there were six girls in line before me ordering a variety of lattes, cappuccinos, and iced coffees. I was about to go insane. It takes about ten seconds to swipe my ID and scan the item, but yet I must wait minutes for multiple coffees to be made. Why can’t there be two lines: a line for Starbucks and a line for snacks?

I’ll admit it. Since Starbucks has opened, I bought one Grande Tazo Passion Tea. It was actually pretty good. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I wonder what would we do without Starbucks?

Well, without Starbucks, we’d have our On The Fly back. I felt like it was just yesterday that they were advertising their new Equal Exchange coffee, and then boom. Starbucks steals the show.

A major con to Starbucks being on campus is that I wish I could get gold stars for my purchases. If I could get gold stars, maybe I’d buy Starbucks more. Rather than taking the bus to Cleveland Circle, the Starbucks in Mac is convenient for those who need their caffeine fix anytime.

On campus we have Peet’s in the Chocolate Bar and on Newton in Stuart. The Rat serves New England Coffee, which will forever be my favorite coffee on campus, and Mac and Lower serve Equal Exchange. Boston College has four different coffee suppliers across campus. It may be a bit much, but then again different people have different tastes in coffee. Maybe Starbucks was just what we needed.


Photo 1: https://twitter.com/bc_dining/status/633424097347805184

Photo 2 https://twitter.com/BC_Dining/status/641268911497940992

Photo 3 https://twitter.com/MikeatMac/status/565888983864197121

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Vanessa is a senior at Boston College studying Economics and Communications. She is proud to be the Campus Correspondent of Her Campus at Boston College!        
Blake is a senior at Boston College and is pursuing Biology and Pre-Med, as well as the perfect slice of pizza. She is so excited to be a co-Campus Correspondent along with Emily this year! As well as being a writer for Her Campus BC, she is also a member of the Girls Club Lacrosse team, the Public Health Club, and is a physics tutor on campus.