Apply for HCBC Fall 2014!

Congratulations! You are already fulfilling requirement #1 of being a part of Her Campus BC: you are on our site, so obviously you like what we have to offer? If you want to take on a different side of the computer screen and transition from a reader to a writer, here is your opportunity! Now if you are also able to say yes to questions such as, “Do you like to write and take pictures? Do you live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest?," then you should consider applying to join the Her Campus BC team. Applications for Her Campus BC’s Fall 2014 are available for new members to apply starting…NOW!

As a source of news for college girls (and several boys) here on BC's campus, Her Campus BC is a great way for students interested in writing, publicity or photography to be involved. As someone who started reading Her Campus BC as a freshman and would always think, “ I could write an article like this,” or “I wish I could write about (fill in the interesting blank) too,” I truly encourage to turn those thoughts into action. We are a fun team of people who have varying passions, but can all come together to create a great site for BC students. And the best part is that we truly enjoy working with each other!

As a member of Her Campus BC, you can be a writer, photographer, publicity team member or a combination of all three. Yes, it is true…you can be a triple threat in HCBC. Here is a short breakdown of the responsibilities of each position:

Writers: Writers are responsible for submitting one article idea a week and writing one article. We completely understand if you have a super busy week, but in general each writer writes at least one article per week. This is a fun opportunity to write about whatever you want! Articles range from news, blogs, campus cuties, campus celebrities and current event updates! These are the type of assignments that you want to write because they are about what you like and are interested in. Whether funny, serious, sarcastic or informational, you can write any article fit for you!

Photographers: As everyone says, a picture says a thousand words. You really help contribute to the website by teaming up with writers to do photography for their articles. You also help out via social media by capturing our events on camera and contributing to the Pinterest board and a weekly photo album of fun things on campus you did. So many talented photographers go to this school and we would love to have their brilliant work showcased on Her Campus BC!

Publicity: Thanks to publicity, Her Campus BC has become a wellknown name here on The Heights. Through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, the publicity team gets the word out around campus of events going on and shares all the great articles written by our editorial team. When it comes time for events, the publicity team is the backbone to getting all the connections and putting the event together. If you have ever looked into PR or event planning, then this is a great place to start.

Now I am sure you are all eager for summer to start and can't even imagine another commitment, especially one that is four months from now. But how awesome is it to know you could have something as great as your involvement in Her Campus BC waiting for you when you return in the fall?


The application deadline is June 1st. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Elizabeth LeRoux ([email protected]).


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