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8 Lifehacks to Maximize Mornings

Now that we’re a few weeks in to classes, the motivation to give ourselves extra time to get ready in the morning is slowly fading. Sleep is too tempting now, and it just seems so much easier to get up last minute, throw comfortable clothes on, and head to class…

We can’t give up that easily though! Even if you have an 8am, there’s still hope for you. Here are some lifehacks to get ready for class faster.

1.     Pre-pick your outfit

I’m sure many of you already do this step and pick out your outfit the night before, but too often can this step fail. Sometimes we pick out an outfit before, but in the morning put it on to find it does nothing for us. To prevent this from happening attach a few command hooks on the wall of your dorm. One can be for tops or dresses, another for bottoms, and another for any jewelry. By doing this, you can see the outfit all together and decide whether it works.

2.     Check the weather

Even if you do step 1 and pre-pick your outfit, if you wake up and find it’s unexpectedly raining out, you’re already running behind. Don’t force yourself to have to scramble for sensible clothes in the morning… or wear the wrong shoes in the pouring rain. Right before you go to sleep, check the weather and pick out an outfit around the forecast.

3.     Give yourself an incentive

Let’s face it… getting out of bed is the worst part of the day. The only way to make it a better experience is to have something to look forward to. Reward yourself for waking up with anything you like. It could be coffee, tea, a piece of chocolate, absolutely anything! This will guarantee you get out of bed quicker and set you up for success.

4.     Pre-pack your bag

Forgetting a notebook, book, or even worse, an iClicker can create a major setback. If you pack and organize your bag the night before you can think clearer and make it super easy to rush out the door the next morning.

5.     Organize your makeup

Have a set everyday makeup routine with go-to products for weekday mornings. If you simplify your routine, you can master it and cut your time in half. Even more importantly, organize them. Now you won’t waste time looking for your favorite concealer and can grab products in no time at all.

6.     Vary your alarm

If you’ve taken psych or bio, you probably know that sleep cycles last about 90 minutes. Do a quick calculation before setting your morning alarm and set it based on your sleep cycles. This will let you wake up easier by not forcing you out of sleep in the middle of a cycle. It may also help to factor in an extra fifteen minutes or so to count for the time it takes you to fall asleep

7.     Wake up your nose

Apparently certain scents like lemon and peppermint can give you a morning wake-up call to get up easier and quicker. Invest in a flameless air freshener in one of these scents to increase your morning alertness.

8.     Don’t read—listen to your phone

If you’re like most of us, you wake up and automatically reach for you phone. From there you start doing the rounds of your social media accounts and before you know it, you’ve been unproductively lying there for fifteen minutes. Break the habit! There’s an app called “The Social Radio” that will let you listen to music while it reads tweets to you. Use it and multitask (and put headphones in so you don’t disturb your roommate). Also be sure to follow HerCampusBC on twitter!

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