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7 of Our Writers Share Their Favorite Holiday Traditions

The Christmas music has begun to play and red and green decorations are beginning to fill our spaces.The holiday season is upon us and this means it is time for all of our favorite traditions. This year we have decided to interview some of our writers about their favorite holiday habits and rituals so that you can get a peek into our lives around the holidays. Check them out here:


Alana FitzGerald

"Every year around Christmas, I bake Christmas cookies, watch Love Actually with my friends and try my hardest not to quote the whole movie."



Katie McKeon

“I love decorating sugar cookies with my family and then decorating the Christmas tree while we sip hot chocolate.”




Shannon Brink

“My mom and I watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer together every year to get into the holiday spirit.”




Amanda Dulla

“We pack in the family Suburban with thermoses of hot chocolate and drive around the mansions near my house to admire the extravagant Christmas light displays while listening to Christmas music in the car.  It’s my absolute favorite part of the holidays!”



Lexi Shea

"Each Christmas, my family wears matching pajamas, eats cinnamon rolls, and watches Mamma Mia! while singing along."



Cameron Stonehouse

“Every year on Christmas Eve my family and I play hide the pickle, where the person who found it last year hides it then we all look for it. The hard part is we can't move the branches. Whoever finds the pickle gets to open one of their gifts and hide it the next year. After we do that we put on the classic Christmas movie Christmas Vacation!”




Jada Scacco

“Every Christmas Eve when my mom's side of the family gets together to celebrate, each family prepares a performance to a Christmas pop song and we sing and dance in front of everybody. It's always super embarrassing but ends up being really fun.”



What are your favorite holiday traditions? We hope that one of our writers has inspired you to start a new one!











Alana is a Senior at Boston College studying Math and Economics. She spent a semester studying in London and traveling throughout Europe. A movie, music, and milk chocolate enthusiast she spends her time quoting Leslie Knope, tagging her friends in puppy instagrams, and taking pictures of her food.
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