7 Crazy BC hook up stories

College is a crazy time and everyone has those crazy hookup stories. Here are just some of the many wild tales from Boston College students.


1.. “My friend and I were at a party on Radnor and we were each talking to a guy. All of a sudden, we were both making out with our guys and we started holding hands with each other #winning” - BC 2021


2. “I was hooking up with a guy in Fenwick and we were having a great time until he chipped my tooth. I was a little upset because I thought my smile was ruined, but then he started crying and apologizing for making me ugly… LOL” - BC 2021


3. “I was hooking up with this guy and he finished all over me… and we were about to clean it up, but then his roommate came in… thankfully he was super chill and threw a towel at us and walked out” - BC 2021


4. “One time I was hooking up with this guy and then my roommate walked in and started doing homework. We were silent. She checked her phone, saw the message I sent, and then picked up all her stuff and left.” - BC 2021


5. “One time I got banned from Tinder…” - 


6. “I hooked up with this girl and the next morning she wouldn’t leave my place. She thought the two hours of us “talking” meant that we were now moving towards a relationship.” - BC 2021


7. “One time I hooked up with this guy and complications happened, but I wasn’t too worried. The next day, I’m on this date with another guy in Playa Bowls and the guy from the night before called me. I had to leave my date to take Plan B in front of Saint Ignatius.” - BC 2021


Comment below if you want a continuation! If you have a crazy hook up story you want to share, just email us (and we’ll keep it totally anonymous if that’s what you want).