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5 Ways to Stay Motivated for the Rest of the Semester

1. Set short-term goals

Take everything one step at a time! When it comes to getting things done on time, it’s best to narrow down your tasks in the form of short-term goals. This ensures that you put in your best effort for each task, rather than getting so overwhelmed that you settle for mediocre work just to get everything done. I find it most effective to sit down every night and write down a list of things I need to complete the next day. It’s good to think and plan ahead, but don’t overwhelm yourself.

2. Be attentive

Being physically present in class isn’t enough. Staying awake and focused in class will motivate you to actually understand the material and to do well. Distractions like texting, talking to friends, or online shopping in class (…we’ve all done it) make it hard to absorb the information you need for making sense of the subject matter you’re trying to learn. If you wouldn’t doze off or text your friends during an important meeting with your boss, then don’t do it in class! Treat your classes like your job – it’ll motivate you to work hard and do well.

3. Explore new study spaces

A new setting can do wonders for your study habits, and can even make you work more efficiently. For me, it’s easier to focus in a quiet library where everyone else is working on something, than in my room where there are so many different ways to procrastinate (like taking a nap). Find a place where you can focus and be productive.

4. Ask for help right away

The longer you go without understanding something, the harder it becomes to continue the course without feeling lost. Luckily, there are plenty of resources on campus to help you study for an exam, catch up on an assignment, or to understand a concept more clearly. Keep a list of questions or confusing topics during class or as you study. Even if you don’t get the chance to ask them in class, you can always go to office hours to ask the professor or the TAs!

5. Take care of yourself

Although college can be super stressful, the worst that can happen is getting a low grade on an assignment or bombing an exam. You might see your academic life flash before your eyes in these moments, but don’t forget to take care of yourself because after all, YOU are your main priority. Take a study break when you need it. Eat right. Drink enough water to fuel your body and brain. Save a small chunk of your day for some physical activity, and prioritize your sleep to wake up every day feeling energized and motivated.

Remember that there are less than two months left of the semester, so keep your head up and make the absolute best of it!








Judi is a sophomore at Boston College majoring in Biology. She loves music, traveling, food, and Netflix.
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