5 Things to do on Black Friday Besides Sale Shopping

Following the family and food filled holiday that is Thanksgiving, we find ourselves faced with an overwhelming amount of reduced prices and exciting sales both with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Sometimes, jumping straight into holiday shopping can be exhausting and we find ourselves dreaming of more relaxing activities to fill our time at home. Here are some of our favorite ways to spend the weekend following Thanksgiving, other than sale shopping:

1. Movie Marathon

Grab a left-over half-eaten pie and a spray can of whipped cream from the fridge and pop down on the couch and turn on a movie (or two or three). Whether you still have cousins lurking around your house or you invite a friend over to watch with you, the less talking the better.

2. Hike

If the weather permits, work off that that massive meal with some low-key exercise. Enjoy getting outdoors and breathing in some fresh air after being stuck inside all day, yesterday.

3. Get back in the kitchen

Because you might not want to eat the same exact meal from the night before for lunch and dinner again, repurpose those leftovers. Turn turkey into a barbecue pulled turkey sandwiches. Use your ham to fill omelets. Get a little adventurous and make fried mashed potato balls (see Tasty video, here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywd6fvDyVyQ).


4. Decorate your house for Christmas

If you and your family celebrate Christmas, then congrats, the Christmas season has officially begun the day after Thanksgiving. Turn on Mason Ramsey’s new Christmas song and start hanging stockings and stringing garland. If you wanna go all out, this would be the day to get your tree, too.

5. Throw a Black Friday party

I mean, it’s a Friday after all. Tell everyone to come in black clothing and you’ve got yourself a theme. Just beware of seeing a bunch of people from high school that your weren’t fully prepared to see.

We hope you give these activities a try and feel inspired to start a new Black Friday tradition.