5 Thanksgiving Movies To Watch Over Break

Everyone is familiar with the concept of watching a Christmas movie – you get together with your loved ones, cozy up on the couch, and watch one of the hundreds of Christmas movies available to you on TV or your streaming device. But why does Christmas get all the love? What about doing this on Thanksgiving as well? Here are 5 movies with Thanksgiving themes that are perfect for watching over Thanksgiving break.


1. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is the prototypical Thanksgiving movie. The movie centers on Neal Page (Steve Martin) and his adventures with his annoying companion (John Candy) to get home in time for Thanksgiving with his family.

2. You’ve Got Mail

This may not be entirely a Thanksgiving movie, but it does feature a Thanksgiving scene and it is romantic comedy classic. I mean, how could you go wrong with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks?


3. Paul Blart Mall Cop

Is your favorite part of Thanksgiving actually the day after? Try this movie where Paul Blart tris to save the mall from a hostage sitaution on Black Friday. It is a comedy that the whole family will enjoy.

4.  A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Join Charlie Brown and his friends for their Thanksgiving holiday! While this film is constantly overshadowed by the Charlie Brown Christmas and Halloween specials, it has just as much cuteness to offer.

Honorable Mention: Hoisers

While this may seem like an unconventional Thanksgiving movie, it has been my family’s tradition for years to watch this on Thanksgiving morning. I couldn’t tell you why, but something about the small-town Cinderella story of a basketball team that has a major comeback really puts us in the Thanksgiving spirit. Give it a try with your family this Thanksgiving.  

None of these films piquing your interesting? That’s ok – in my opinion it’s never too early for a Christmas movie.