5 Cute and Comfortable Thanksgiving Dinner Outfits That Will Hide Your Food Baby

It’s almost time for arguably the most famous dinner party of the year, where everyone eats way too much and takes way too many family photos. Whether your family dresses up or keeps it casual, you still want to find the balance between dressing cute and being comfortable. Here are five super cute outfit ideas that definitely allow for seconds and for pie, so no need to worry that your food baby might make an appearance, because tight tops and pencil skirts just aren’t gonna cut it.

1. The “Ugly” Sweater

Thanksgiving is the epitome of fall and it’s also kind of the official kick-off of Christmas season, so your oversized patterned sweater is pretty much perfect if your family likes to dress for comfort and not style. Pair it with your go-to skinny jeans so that you’re only matching with your grandpa from the waist up.

2. The Sweater Dress

For the perfect casual but still trying vibe mixed with a seriously autumnal vibe, go for a sweater dress. You’ll be the warm and coziest person at the dinner table. Your grandma will definitely think you look precious.

3. The Long Flow-y Dress

Stay as comfortable as possible while being a little fancier by opting for a long, flowing, dress, preferably in some kind of pretty print. Your outfit is instantly memorable, compliment-prone, and elegant, when, in reality, all you did was throw on one article of clothing and you didn’t even have to shave your legs.

4. The Loose Mini Dress

This is basically the ultimate comfy but cute outfit for all seasons — bonus points for autumnal colors or prints. You can’t really go wrong, here. Throw on a chunky cardigan to make it a little cozier and warmer.

5. T-Shirt and Jeans with a Twist

Spice up a timeless classic by doing a loose-fit, long sleeve comfy shirt and pairing it with distressed boyfriend jeans. It’s equally cute and casual, but you’ll definitely have to deal with at least one relative asking if you “know that your jeans have holes in them.”