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5 Concerts You Should Go to in Boston This Semester

The city of Boston is home to a lot of great music venues that are always hosting amazing artists. Why limit yourself to the one fall concert here on campus when you could be out in Boston seeing tons of new artists all the time? No matter what year you are here at BC, it’s definitely important to get out into the city, beyond Newbury street, and I think concerts are a fun and easy way to do that – not to mention affordable! All of the concerts that I’ve listed here are under $55. And along with being relatively cheap, the concerts on this list present a variety of musical genres and experiences that would be enjoyable, even if you aren’t necessarily familiar with the artist.

1.  The XX – House of Blues, October 25th, $30.00
The XX, an indie rock group from England, are definitely one of my favorite bands. I can listen to their songs all day on repeat. Their shoegaze guitar laden melodies and soothing vocals make them the perfect choice for when you just want to relax and focus on the music. They released a new single, “Angels,” off of their upcoming album Coexist due out in September and the song is already on the top of my most played list. Their new album means you’ll definitely discover some new favorites at the show, along with being able to enjoy their older hits.

2.  Rachael Yamagata – Paradise Rock Club, December 4th, $18.00
This concert is definitely the odd one out of this list, but purposefully so. It’s for those who are looking for a more acoustic type of concert. A concert where all you are really supposed to do is sit and enjoy the music. Rachael pairs slow, lullaby-like melodies with beautiful vocals and lyrics to turn out love songs perfect for any romantic comedy montage, which, even if we don’t admit it, we all usually love. However, her music is much deeper and more beautiful than romantic comedy background noise can give her credit for, so I definitely suggest checking out her show in December.

3.  A$AP ROCKY – House of Blues, September 28th, $23.00
This might be a new name for some people, but if you’re a Lana Del Ray fan, you’ve already seen him in her music video for the song “National Anthem.” And if you watched the VMA’s this week, you’ve even seen him perform. Both interactions would probably prompt you to at least listen to his music, but I highly suggest taking it a step further and going to his show this month in Boston. His previously released singles, like “Goldie,” are gaining increasing popularity among hip hop fans everywhere, and an album is already highly anticipated by his current fans and will most likely be just as well received by his new ones.

4.  The Weeknd – House of Blues, October 22nd & 23rd, $55.00
The Weeknd’s collaboration with Drake on their songs “Crew Love” and “The Zone” have definitely increased Abel Tesfaye’s popularity, but he has been doing just fine on his own with songs like “High for This” and “Gone.” The slow beats paired with his impressively high but smooth vocals create a unique and soothing sound. It’s definitely a show worth going to, and you have two nights to do it!

5.  BC’s Fall Concert – Lupe Fiasco!
I know I said you shouldn’t limit yourself to just the fall concert here on campus, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be amazing. UGBC just announced this year’s artist as Lupe Fiasco! I’m sure I don’t even have to tell you guys to go buy your tickets for that!

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