5 Beauty Essentials

Adulting is hard! With clubs, homework and socializing, a girl’s face can suffer. Especially with the weather changing, our faces just need a little more love. So here are five of my beauty supplies that I cannot live without! 

1. Origins Charcoal Face Mask 

This charcoal face mask is perfect after a long day or a long week. This product literally makes me feel reborn again. 

2. Thayers Toner 

I use this toner directly after washing my face. It always has my face glowing! No good lightening needed for my selfies!! There are a few types of Thayers Toners.. Preferably, I like the rose petal and cucumber Thayers toners the best! 

3. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel 

With the weather changing, I need to moisturize my face. This neutrogena gel moisturizer is perfect for my sensitive skin. It is a light blue water gel moisturizer that leaves my face feeling fresh. 

4. Rosebud Salve 


This product has carried me through high school and into college. This lip balm keeps my lips soft and moisturized throughout the day. Not to mention the rosebud smell is amazing!! 

5. Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil 

This is the ultimate life saver and can be used for almost everything!! I’m able to use it to remove my eye make up as well as detangle tough knots in my hair. Talk about a life saver. This is the holy grail of beauty supplies and it has saved me on countless occasions. 


My motto is to treat yourself! So, splurge a little and treat yourself to these five beauty essentials. 




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