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3 Essential Spring Items You Need in Your Closet

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

Dressing for this weather is not easy. Remember back to that warm day a few weeks ago? Well, that one 55-degree day I had a minor crisis before my Geoscience class because I could not figure out what shoes to wear. Let’s just say I was not alone. There was a quite comical mixture of outfits floating around campus that day. From the lone souls who still thought 50 degrees meant Boston winter tundra to those students who thought the weather called for a sundress. I’m only poking fun because this weather makes getting up in the morning that much more difficult for all of us!

In order to help keep some of those weather-challenged outfits hanging in your closet, I’ve put together a list of some essential items that will help you craft the best, weather-appropriate outfits. These three pieces are just what you need to head into spring in style!


Scarves are not just for fall and winter; they can be worn year round! However, it’s the type of scarf that matters most. In the spring, you want to incorporate scarves that are made of a lighter fabric into your outfits. 

Note that pastels and bright colored scarves are okay, but make sure you wear darker bottoms to contrast the happy, spring colors. This pairing is more necessary in March than it is in April, or at least until the flowers and trees begin to bloom. Once it’s mid 60s feel free to break out the pastel pants!


Struggling to choose between your Bean Boots and Sperrys? Flats are the best type of transitional shoe out there.  Not only do they cover your foot to keep your toes warm, but they also look adorable!  Rain boots are a must in the spring, especially since we have mounds of snow melting, but on those sunnier days, feel free to break out your cutest pair of flats. 

Side note, white flats are only okay after Memorial Day, so keep those in your closet! Plus, you don’t want to get them dirty with all the leftover dirt and sand from the winter.

Spring Jacket 

I don’t think I’m alone in saying this, but my puffy parka has got to go. I am tired of walking around campus feeling like an Eskimo. One of the most important and versatile pieces in your transition to spring clothing is a spring jacket! There are a variety of different types of light jackets to choose from. Rain jackets, jean jackets, and canvas jackets are all great options. 

The more the merrier! Pair a jean jacket with pastel pants in April for a look that sparkles with spring happiness. Or, if you want a jacket for right now, pair a dark green canvas jacket with your favorite pair of blue jeans and flats.

You can’t go wrong by incorporating these three essential items into your wardrobe.  Happy styling Collegiettes™ and think spring!


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Shannon is currently in her junior year at BC.  She is majoring in Elementary Education and English, hoping to one day teach in an urban school.  Originally from Hopkinton, MA, one of Shannon's favorite things to do is tell people that her hometown is the start of the Boston Marathon - it's claim to fame!  In her free time, you can find Shannon cuddled up somewhere with her adorable giraffe-spotted mug.
Niloufar is a senior at Boston College, majoring in French and English.