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20 Thoughts While at the Chocolate Bar

1. Operation get a table

2. Well…there goes that, who looks the nicest – wait is it weird to ask someone to share a table?

3. Hmm what kind of latte do I want today? (Gets the same thing always)

4. It’s a Monday, definitely “gelato Monday” to start off the week.

5. Muffin Monday?

6. Oh no, hopefully I have money in my account.

7. Whew safe *sees number and calculates how many more coffees she can get*

8. I really hope no one takes my drink. *takes drink* I hope this is my drink.

9. Starbucks come back.

10. Time to do work, time to do work, time to do work, FRIENDS – HI FRIENDS.

11. I mean I wanted to chat, but that did not mean they should sit down.

12. We are not even that good of friends.

13. They are using me for my table.

14. *Eavesdrops on conversation* Wow…my life is uneventful.

15. Wow… I am lucky my life is uneventful.

16. It would be nice to go on a coffee date.

17. But these tables are so awkwardly long…

18. Okay, back to work or any social media site.

19. I never get any work done here!

20. Hey, anything is better than Bapst.


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