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10 Easy Ways To: Get a Guy’s Number (or Have Them Ask for Yours)

Ahhh, the ever-elusive phone number.  The prize that every girl and guy dream of possessing.  Somehow your socially awkward roommate was able to acquire the digits of that cute guy on the fifth floor at some point last week, so it couldn’t be that hard, right?  Wrong, collegiettes™!  We all know that this simple endeavor can make you feel like you’re in middle school again (getting your friends to do all of the dirty work for you was the best).  But never fear: pull out your Droid or iPhone 5 (I mean 4S…too soon?) and take some notes in your Colornote App, because I’ve listed some surefire ways to secure a BBM date this upcoming weekend.

Guys’ suggestions (Disclosure that these were not my original ideas)

1.  Show some cleave.
No explanation is necessary I suppose… but a guy’s perspective is important nonetheless.  Every boy I talked to agreed that this actually works, which to be honest almost makes me want to throw on a turtleneck.

2.  Make business cards with your name/number on it
Adding, “I think you’re really cute” or something along similar lines couldn’t hurt.  Would a ;) be taking it too far?  It’s up to you.

3.  Ask for it via a painted window message (only fully applicable for Vandy/90)
For those who are too nervous for the face-to-face conversation— just make sure you realize that all of Boston College now knows that you want Mike’s number.

Now the (somewhat more plausible) girls’ suggestions:

4.  Invite them to a casual party/pre-game
It’s the perfect way to put the ball in their court, while at the same time providing a casual hangout situation later on in the week.

5.  Flirt, make eye contact, and smile
Class and confidence go a long way (unless this is new to you… in which case see #1)

6.  Drop subtle/not-so-subtle hints
You could go with the standard “I think you’re really cute.  Want to exchange phone numbers?”  But if your life is not something out of an American Girl pre-teen self-help book, then subtlety might suit you best.  A casual “we should do something this weekend” will suffice.

And for all of those tricksters out there: 

7.  Pretend you lost all of your contacts… even if you never had their number to begin with
A classic veteran move… I’ve seen it pulled off successfully many times.

8.  Look online for it
It’s only creepy if online doesn’t mean looking at “profile info” on Facebook (just make sure not to admit to them where you really got it from).

9.  “I don’t know if my phone is working…could you call it just to make sure?”
Your number is now currently implanted in their phone (whether they want it or not), which will also take them a few minutes to realize, leaving no opportunity for awkward goodbyes.  Done and done.

10.  Become a study buddy and “forget” your homework assignments… a lot.
No, really, I’m just bad at remembering things.

It’s never too early to start getting those numbers!! 

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