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What To Do On Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

     Valentine’s Day is probably the most hated day for single people. Everywhere you go, there are hearts, balloons, teddy bears, and chocolate. It tends to feel overwhelming at times. In every store, there’s something Valentine’s related. There’s a constant reminder that love is in the air whether you are happy about it or not. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you probably already have your plans set out. I hope you have a great time. But what about those of us who aren’t so lucky? Here are some options for my single friends. 


1. Buy something nice for yourself

     Valentine’s Day is a day of gift-giving and love. And if you’re single, you may feel the sting of watching your friends get gifts from their significant others. But that shouldn’t stop you from treating yourself. Whether it’s big or small, getting yourself a Valentine’s gift will surely boost your spirits on this dreadful day.


2. Grab a couple of single friends and have a gal-entine’s night (socially distant of course) 

     If you’re the type of person to feel super lonely on Valentine’s Day, you should hang out with your single friends and have a girl’s night. This is a great way to celebrate the holiday while also feeling less lonely. Making your girlfriends be your valentine is such a fun bonding experience. You could play board games or watch a movie. Whatever you end up doing, being with friends is a great option. 


3. Make a delicious dessert

     Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to eat/make some tasty treats. I always like making chocolate covered strawberries; they’re my favorite. Some other things you can make are cake pops, brownies, and cookies. Treat yourself to your ultimate cravings.


4. Have a spa day

     Doing a face mask, painting your nails or relaxing in any way will definitely improve your Valentine’s Day. Taking those extra steps to feel like yourself are necessary. And if you’re single right now, taking a night to care for yourself is a great idea. 


5. Paint and Sip

     Painting and drinking wine is a really fun pastime (only if you’re over the age of 21). Whether it’s with friends or alone, painting can truly ease your mind and allow you to reach into your creativity. Turn on some music, grab a canvas and some paints, and start your creation. 


6. Watch some romantic comedies and cry it out

     To be honest, this is usually me on Valentine’s Day. Romantic comedies are the perfect movies to cry over. Some of my favorites include 13 Going On 30, Love Actually, The Notebook and 10 Things I Hate About You. Grab some tissues and cry your eyes out. 


     Being single on Valentine’s Day can feel really awful. But we shouldn’t let all the “lovey dovey” stuff about this holiday stop us from celebrating it. Love doesn’t apply to only relationships. I encourage everyone to go out and try one of these ideas this Valentine’s Day. I hope you can find something you like doing and that makes you a little happier on this holiday. 

Mercedes is a senior, Sociology major at Baylor University. Mercedes is from Oceanside, California, a little bit north of San Diego. Her interests are playing with makeup, trying new restaurants, and driving around blasting music. Her career goals include going to law school to become a family or immigration lawyer or opening a homelessness recovery center.
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