Mariah Bennett Member Monday

Member Monday: Mariah Bennett

Here at Her Campus at Baylor, we are blessed with a team of fantastic individuals all specializing in areas of marketing, writing, social media and event planning.  To celebrate their work for our chapter, we are going to feature one member a week to highlight their contribution to our Her Campus Girl Gang!

Q: Hi there! What's your name?

A: Hey! My name is Mariah Bennett!

Q: What's your year, major and hometown?

A: I'm a freshman journalism major from Sugarland, Texas!

Q: Why did you choose to come to Baylor? How has your Baylor experience been so far? What's your favorite part/tradition at Baylor?

A: I came to Baylor for its great programs and opportunities. My experience has been great, I’ve met tons of great people and written in ways I haven’t before. My favorite tradition is definitely Christmas on 5th, they decorate so pretty! I also love the petting zoo.

Q: Why did you join Her Campus Baylor?

A: I wanted to write about one of my main passions, beauty, as well as expand my writing subjects.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being part of Her Campus Baylor?

A: I enjoy the sense of community we’ve built and the experience of writing about different subjects!

Q: What teams are you part of on HC Baylor, and why did you decide to join those teams? 

A: I’m on the editorial team and social media teams. I joined the editorial to write about subjects I’m passionate about! I joined the social media team to try something new and expand my skills!

Q: What did you wish people knew about Her Campus at Baylor?

A: That we have an expansive site covering many different topics!

Q: What does women empowerment mean to you?

A: Women empowerment to me means empowering all women though your work and more importantly actions, to include and not exclude.

Q: How would you describe Her Campus Baylor in one word?

A: Passionate. We’re all passionate about the things we work on and it shows!

Q: Anything else you want to add? 

A: Thank you for reading our work! Check out my website and my Insta! @mariahbennettphoto