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I have been in a long-distance relationship for a while now, and even though I might disappoint you by saying this, I find it important: there is no secret recipe for a successful long-distance relationship. In fact, no matter how many tips you receive, the relationship still might not work. However, I do think that before starting a LDR, it’s crucial to know the basic ingredients that are needed for its prosperous start. 

  1. Independence

If you find yourself in a LDR, it’s probably because your significant other isn’t typically around. For this reason, you might find yourself with more time on your hands than you did before. However, it’s important to recognize that this time alone is ultimately helpful for the both of you. I was in high school with my boyfriend before going away to college, and our relationship actually got stronger because we learned how to be independent and not rely on each other all the time. I learned so much about myself and implemented those learnings into my relationship, which ultimately improved it. I know this isn’t the case for everyone; however, no matter the situation, being away from your significant other might help you see life in a new way. Even though you miss your significant other, appreciating your time alone might help you discover things about yourself and about your relationship that can create a positive impact in the long run.

2.  Communication

As everyone knows, communication is a key factor when in a long-distance relationship. Not only because your SO needs to hear about you and how you feel, but also because, well, you are away from each other. You might also be experiencing an environment that the other person might not be familiar with, so it’s important to learn how the other person feels about the situation. For this reason, establishing some ground rules can be helpful when engaging in a LDR to avoid any unnecessary fights or misunderstandings. Finding a balance between what you want and what the other person needs is pivotal to making a long-distance relationship work.

3. Time 

When doing LD, it’s important to find ways to connect with your SO. However, if you don’t have the ability to visit your SO frequently, I’m here to tell you that virtual dates are a thing now. Finding at least one day a week to dedicate your time to your SO might help strengthen the relationship and maintain its passion and excitement, and it can be almost anything. I know it might seem hard to find the time, but making your relationship a priority and putting in the effort will for sure be rewarding. From watching a movie virtually on Netflix Party to FaceTiming and seeing the stars outside your window, finding ways to engage with your SO is vital for the relationship.

4. Commitment

LD isn’t easy, even with the most compatible couples. If one of you isn’t totally committed, the relationship might be doomed before the long-distance aspect even starts. This is where the affection or love you feel for each other comes in handy: are you willing to dedicate your time to someone who is away from you? If the answer is yes, make sure it’s mutual. 

5. Goals

Taylor Swift says, “‘I’ll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep.” This is totally true in a LDR. However, even though your SO is living his or her own life physically away from you, making sure that the both of you have similar goals and making sure both want to fulfill those goals together will for sure come in handy. Having a finish line generates motivation and thrill, considering that even though you are away from each other, it will not last forever. 

Ultimately, a long-distance relationship requires hard work and dedication. It’s ultimately really tricky, considering you need to find a balance between your SO and your surroundings. Even though I mentioned at the start of this article that there is no secret recipe to making a LDR work, I hope this basic information helps you start a healthy, long-lasting and successful relationship that will bring you happiness and new understandings.

Hey there! I am Anabella and I am a neuroscience major with a minor in apparel merchandising and business administration at Baylor University. I am really passionate about sports, fashion, the human mind, and my Spotify playlist. I really love to create meaningful connections with people and live by kindness!
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