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Kobe Bryant: A Legacy Worth Remembering

On January 26, 2020, the world was shocked to hear that NBA superstar and former Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard had unexpectedly died, following a helicopter crash. Along with his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven others, the world immediately mourned their deaths, as memorials popped up all around the globe. 

Despite the tragic loss, Kobe leaves behind his famed legacy of constantly supporting women; especially women’s sports. When asked in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel if he was going to have a boy to continue his basketball dream, Kobe replied that “Gianna was determined to carry the torch for the Bryant name on the court” (Today). 

Additionally, Kobe was regularly seen at the WNST and WNBA matches, and in promotional videos for both associations. He wanted to raise awareness and let the world know that these sports are for women too and that women are just as entitled to be celebrated in them as well. Not only did he support the professionals on the field and on the court, but Kobe focused on the younger generation as well. In 2016, he opened Mamba Academy, a multisport training facility for young athletes that boasts of over 50,000 members (Bleacher Report). All of his actions showed that he had a great heart for women and the younger generations; especially his four young daughters and his wife, Vanessa. 

Kobe and Gianna Bryant leave behind a broken-hearted family, but the father-daughter love they had will always remain with them. 

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