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A Girl in the Gaming World

     Nothing makes a gamer’s Saturday like an exciting video game, a popping discord chat, and a strong girl character to play. With the rise of popular Triple A games (games produced by large companies and are popular amongst the community) beginning to include strong female characters, the once male dominated realm has become a haven for girls and guys alike. Seeing the gaming community evolve from once being a small and taboo reputation with gaming being considered a bad hobby, to a world of new opportunities that bring people together, has been a beautiful things to spectate. 

     Growing up playing video games, it was difficult to find other girls who had a smiliar taste to mine. While others wanted to talk about other things, I wanted to talk about my ranking in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Most of the time if I wanted to play games I had to play with boys since most of my girl friends either didn’t like video games or simply have never heard of them. The one game I found to be most common amongst girls was The Sims series, but that is a single player game. However, thanks to recent games like Minecraft and Among Us, the attention on video games has been hotter than ever and has given a connection for girl gamers to find others like them. These video games that are open to be played universally by anyone of any age, have allowed girls to take the first step into the gaming world without having to worry about overly competitive players stepping over them. From there, interest in games can grow and possibly the love of a new hobby is born after a new rounds.

     Within professional gaming, girls have also begun to make their mark across the world. Plenty of professional E-sports players now include a number of girls who created a career in a game that they loved. Sasha Hostyn is an MVP example of a professional gamer girl. She has built her name through the game Starcraft II and is the highest paid gamer girl in the world. She gained her popularity and reputation when she competed in South Korea and won. This is considered to be an impressive accomplishment not just to girl gamers, but amongst any gamer within the profession.

     Needless to say, the gaming community continues to grow and diversity its audience, bringing all sorts of people together. In fact, girls who may not be fond of playing video games, may just find the game that will want them to play after an exciting round and friendly GG or good game, as one would say after a game. The world of gaming is forever growing and will continue to influence girls around the world to unleash their inner gamer. 

Victoria Garcia-Martinez is a Nursing student at Baylor University. She is originally from a small town called El Centro California, but at heart she is a San Antonio Texan. In her free time, she likes to create digital art and read lengthy fictional novels. She loves the color pink, chai tea, and spending time to simply dive into her thoughts.
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