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     There’s no doubt that this year has posed more difficulty than any other year. From a global pandemic to going back to school and dealing with a bunch of new changes is not an easy task for anyone to undertake. Personally, I had to fall hard on my face to wake myself up to the reality I was living in. 

     Take this from a straight-A student in high school, college is HARD! There are some classes that you can skate by in, but they won’t all be like that. When you do come to that one hard class, don’t get discouraged when you don’t do well on the first exam. Take a breath, relax, tell yourself “it’s not the end of the world,” and find a way to do better next time. From experience, this semester has been kicking my butt not just in workload and material, but in understanding concepts and simply turning in assignments on time. I’ve had to continuously tell myself that I can take this one and only loss and continue to work hard for the rest of the week. 

     On the other hand, it feels great when you do finally understand that concept and receive an A on an exam. It’s a thrilling feeling; that sense of accomplishment where you can take on the world and no one is standing in your way. We are always quick to realize the good times and achievements we have in life, but why not the failures?

     I’m not saying throw yourself a pity party or go and buy yourself a whole new wardrobe because you failed a quiz. I’m saying you know your situation more than anyone else does, and so if buying a new sweater can get you hyped up to study psychology again and find a better way to understand the material, go out and do it. If buying a new sweater is also your reward for acing an assignment, then go buy it. Beating yourself up about a failing grade does nothing for your morals, your mental health, or the rest of your assignments. Take time to understand where you are and what must absolutely be done today and make a list for the next day. 

     Failing a college class does not make you worthless. Acing a class does not make you perfect. Know what defines a win and a loss for yourself and follow the rules you set for yourself. Celebration doesn’t have to be grand gestures or massive parties, it can simply be appreciating yourself for working hard. 

Mallory is a sophomore at Baylor and already loves the bears! She is studying journalism and trying to figure out a minor to achieve her dream job of being a lifestyle magazine editor. When she's not planning an event or writing a last-minute article, you can find her spending money on clothes, coffee, and food. She even enjoys watching any movie that doesn't include a clown. Mallory is proud to be a part of the Baylor Chapter.
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