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Breakfast in Waco: A Review

Looking for a place to eat on a Sunday morning? Stay tuned for an honest review of some of Waco’s most popular breakfast and brunch places.

  1. Magnolia Table

Well-known throughout Waco as part of the Magnolia brand, Magnolia Table is always booked full every Sunday for breakfast. When trying to get a table, our party of three without reservations waited two hours for a seat at the booth. Upon being seated, I ordered the french toast crunch, french toast strips coated with cornflakes. At first bite, the flavor was rich and full, but you can quickly get full and overwhelmed with the sweetness after one piece alone. The hash browns were quite possibly the most disappointing as they were presented in an aesthetic manner, but fell flat in terms of flavor and taste. A little bit more salt and general flavor would have improved the hash browns greatly. The overall ambience was absolutely adorable and on-brand with the rest of Chip and Joanna’s Magnolia empire, yet the food itself fell short of the hype surrounding it. All in all, Magnolia Table is not bad at all, but simply not worth a two hour wait or a reservation several weeks in advance. 

  1. Cafe Cappuccino 

This quaint breakfast place meets expectations exactly how you would expect. The price range is affordable and the menu items are pretty standard. Overall, the food is satisfying and dependable. A personal favorite of mine is the corn beef hash — cooked with a crisp and encapsulating perfect flavor. In addition, you can order to-go and take the meal to Cameron Park and enjoy a morning picnic. Since it is located right across from the Saturday farmer’s market, enjoy a bite to eat at Cafe Cappuccino and then browse the farmer’s market right after on a sunny Saturday.

  1. Our Breakfast Place 

It’s in the name — this place aims to give a homey feel. The local owners Eva and Mike aim to keep Our Breakfast Place beloved for families and friends alike. The restaurant ambience gives nothing short of that and the food’s price range is affordable and dependable. 

  1. Cupp’s Drive-in

The emphasis of bang for your buck and a classic hometown waffle house. Griddle style, Cupp’s is the perfect place to go for a quick bite to eat. A classic stop for after a night out, Cupp’s is easy to grab and go, and has a classic diner feel. Oftentimes overlooked, Cupp’s has been in business since 1947 and gives a nostalgic feel. It’s been open for so long for good reason.

  1. Milo All Day

Arguably making the best biscuits in all of Waco, Milo serves breakfast options that don’t disappoint. The biscuits are cooked to perfection and crumble in the very best way into your mouth, served with fresh-whipped butter and fresh strawberry jam. Milo can get busy on the weekends, so make sure to plan accordingly for a nice breakfast. A picture-perfect ambience and you can dress up or down depending on your mood. Perfect for a first date or a fun time with your friends.

  1. Harvest on 25th

With a quaint ambience, Harvest offers unique options that not many other breakfast places in Waco can offer. A healthier option, Harvest has delicious menu items for vegans and vegetarians alike. The vegan breakfast taco is an excellent choice, with a tofu crumble and sweet potato hash to blend with a perfect flavor palate. The tacos are on the smaller side, so if you want a more full meal, make sure to order several.

To my breakfast lovers: depending on what you are looking for, these options are bound to have something you’ll enjoy. If you are looking for a nicer ambience and a photo-op, head to Magnolia. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat before a busy day, stop by Cupp’s. There’s something for everyone and it’s hard to screw up a good breakfast. 

Michelle Tasaki is a sophomore at Baylor University and grew up in Maui, Hawai'i-- bringing her island lifestyle to the middle of Texas. She has a passion for social justice issues, loves exploring the outdoors, and curling up to read a good psychological thriller once in a while. She has a love for all things fashion and thrifting, and is pursuing a degree in Public Health within Baylor's Honors Program with aspirations to attend law school post-grad.
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