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Baylor University Offers Different Classroom Options Due to COVID-19

     Well, it’s official, that was THE longest spring break ever! The novel Coronavirus has been spreading throughout the world since late December of 2019 and sent college students home in March. As different universities, colleges and school districts navigate the new world of academics, I’ve got to say that I’m proud of the efforts Baylor University has put forth. 

    In preparing for their students to return to campus, Baylor developed three different formats in which students could attend class: complete face-to-face, a hybrid option, and online learning. While face-to-face and online classrooms are normally used routes of learning, the new hybrid option combines the two. As students waited to hear about their new learning experience, many wondered about the functionality of the idea. How is attendance taken? What if cases start to rise? Where do I turn in my homework? These questions are still being answered as classes start to take place on campus, but it’s a new shift for all of us including the professors. From my own encounters, many professors are not requiring students to adhere to the previous 75% attendance policy Baylor has instituted, and are recording their lectures for those unable to attend class. Professors are also using the Canvas network more than ever for communicating and dealing with assignments. Overall, Baylor has combined new ideas with a knowledgeable background along with strong reinforcements. 

    I was lucky enough to get most of my classes labeled face-to-face along with one online course. Since the first week of classes has now successfully been conquered, I can say that the new setup will take some getting used to. There are no more high-fives to fellow classmates or hugs for longtime friends you haven’t seen over the summer; it’s an adjustment. For example, my psychology class is now being taught within an auditorium with specific chairs blocked off  to allow for social distancing, rather than a large classroom. However, there is still the usual grabbing of coffee and hanging out with friends and putting off homework that college students normally do, but with newly added measures of precautions to ensure their safety.The main reason as to why I appreciate the clear efforts Baylor has undergone is because they understand and realize how important these on-campus college experiences are to students. As well as the new classroom setups, Baylor has sponsored the “Family First Campaign” throughout campus, which includes guidelines on masks, social distancing and other COVID-19 related items. Even though this isn’t the most fun time to be going through “the most formative years of my life,” if wearing a mask keeps me safe on campus, then that’s what I’m going to do. 

    Although I can’t speak for every college campus or university, I can say that the efforts that Baylor is putting through are not unnoticed. “Spring break” was fun, but I am so glad to be back on campus with friends that feel like family, and I have multiple people and organizations to thank for that. Despite being six feet apart from sitting next to my best friend in class, I’m grateful it’s no longer 600 miles. This time during COVID-19 has been scary and difficult and we are still on the cusp of things, nevertheless with strong thoughts and actions, maybe high-fives can become normal again. 

Check out Baylor University’s efforts towards COVID-19: https://www.baylor.edu/coronavirus/

If you want more info about COVID-19, go to https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html

Mallory is a sophomore at Baylor and already loves the bears! She is studying journalism and trying to figure out a minor to achieve her dream job of being a lifestyle magazine editor. When she's not planning an event or writing a last-minute article, you can find her spending money on clothes, coffee, and food. She even enjoys watching any movie that doesn't include a clown. Mallory is proud to be a part of the Baylor Chapter.
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