Baylor Students As Waco Coffee Shops

Most students at Baylor have a Waco coffee shop that is their ride-or-die. What does your coffee shop of choice say about you? 

Common Grounds 

Common Grounds is as iconic as Pat Neff or Judge Baylor. So, regulars to Common Grounds are true Baylor Bears. They never miss a game, lead sic ems and will most definitely still be coming back to Waco for Homecoming 50 years after graduation. Cowboy coffee runs through their veins, and they love to chat with everyone. In terms of studying, they are messy. At all times, they have notes and books sprawled out everywhere, but it’s a purposeful chaos. They always have many projects going on at the same time and somehow manage to balance them all. 


Pinewood hosts a very particular type of student. They lean in to the trendy, hipster vibe. Think thrifted granola: high waisted jeans, flannels, blue jean jackets, retro tops. They are probably a humanities major and have many talents (music, calligraphy, photography, etc). They are very particular about their image but want to appear nonchalant. Hair and makeup are always done -- even in an 8 am class. You probably won’t see them at another coffee shop; they are a loyal bunch. 


If Dichotomy is your go-to study spot, you are most likely a night owl. It’s the only place that doesn’t kick you out around 7:00 p.m. You’re mature, seamlessly fitting into both the coffee house and trendy bar vibes. With that said, you are also dedicated and concentrated, nothing can keep you from getting work done -- not even that dim lighting that sends most students out the door. 


Ah, BRÛ. My coffee shop. Those of us at BRÛ are a little shy; we prefer a laid-back, low key vibe. We are unique, but don’t like to be the star. We keep to ourselves, maybe play a board game or two with some close friends, and get our work done in a timely matter. 


If you are a resident of one of these new coffee shops, you just haven’t found your crowd yet. And that is perfectly okay! You are probably in multiple organizations right now (some of which you either are inactive or soon will be inactive). You have a lot of passions, but you aren’t sure which to pursue. You always like to be ahead of the trends, FOMO keeps your schedule full, and you’re going to make sure you experience all that Baylor has to offer. 



So, you go to starbucks? You like comfort, consistency, and reliability. You are 100% focused on the task at hand. You most likely study within the sciences. You don’t ever put up with BS, and you’re known to call it how you see it.

College is as essential as air in our lungs. Whether you like mochas or macchiatos, make sure to try all of these coffee shops to fuel your studies!