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photo of corn field
photo of corn field
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All-University Thanksgiving Is Upon Us!

Fall at Baylor is definitely something to behold. All of my favorite things can be compiled into a very extensive list, but these few make it to the top:

  1. Crushing leaves with my boots as I walk to class
  2. Cooler weather (not necessarily colder all the time)
  3. Cardigans, sweaters, flannel and jean jackets
  4. Baylor All-University Thanksgiving

All-University Thanksgiving is an annual tradition and campus-wide event hosted by Baylor Student Government, Student Foundation, Baylor Chamber and Baylor Dining Services. Along Fountain Mall, the heart of campus, students gather and line up to eat delicious Thanksgiving food, including turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, stuffing and so much more. 

The normally empty grass field is lined with chairs and long white tables encouraging people to sit with their fellow Baylor Bears and fellowship with one another. I love seeing friends and faculty bond over Thanksgiving food and taking a moment to breathe and forget about the coming finals, projects and all the work that needs to be done before Christmas break. 

Junior Geneava Moore at Baylor is part of Baylor Student Foundation, an organization that helps put on the program for people to enjoy.


“I love All-University Thanksgiving because it brings people out and lets Baylor display the community it so lovingly upholds!” said Baylor University junior Geneava Moore. 


With all our responsibilities as college students, it’s often hard to take time and reflect on how much we are thankful for and how much we have grown. Student Foundation Campus Promotions Chair and Student Government member Lexi Layton cherishes the opportunity to look back on the year together as a Baylor family.


“This event is a chance for the Baylor community to come together before the craziness of finals and reflect on everything we have to be thankful for,” Baylor University senior Lexi Layton. “I have loved getting to play a role in putting the event together because I will always remember getting to be part of such a special Baylor tradition.”


Years past the event has attracted large numbers of people, but with an unexpected twist in the program, Layton is hoping even more people come to All-University Thanksgiving this year.


“I have also loved that we are starting a new tradition in bringing a live turkey on campus and having President Linda Livingstone pardon the turkey! It’s going to be something I will always remember for years to come,” said Layton.


All-University Thanksgiving takes place on Wednesday, November 20th from 5 to 8 pm on Fountain Mall. Come hungry and leave thankful for all that you have!

Chantal Canales is a senior journalism new media major at Baylor University. She is from McKinney, Texas, just north of Dallas. When she is not editing articles, she loves getting coffee with friends, reading books, discovering new places in Waco, and working at Fabled Bookshop and Cafe. She hopes to work as a book agent for a publishing house or as a magazine editor after her graduation in May 2021.
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