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A Passion for Pinterest: A Tool for Manifestation & Visualizing Your Goals

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The trend of exploring your universal power to manifest the life of your dreams has become extremely popularized across social media platforms. Though the concept of spiritual manifesting is nothing new, the mass acceptance of this mindset has taken the world by storm. Essentially, manifesting is a new take on the law of attraction, believing that you can will your dreams into existence. 

I think that the concept of manifesting is so meaningful because it encourages us to visualize our highest selves. There is something to be said about the importance of understanding that your highest self is incredibly attainable. Many people, me included, lay in a fear of being unrealistic or reaching too high. Yet with this mindset, you’re dooming yourself from the beginning. Even imagine what your best life could allow for you to shoot higher. 

Personally, I prefer a visual aide and Pinterest has become one of my favorite outlets to do so. Creating mood boards and vision boards for the year ahead gives you a sense of direction in what your goals will look like. Having a reference point to look back at when wanting to picture your goals makes manifesting those goals all the more attainable. My passion for Pinterest stems from how it allows me to organize every aspect of my life. The visual aid that it provides for me to manifest my dream closet, house, and life. The power that visuals hold is often overlooked.  

Pinterest as an organizational tool for your life creates a visual separation of what your short-term or long-term goals could be. Photos of positive quotes of life motos or even material goals you want to reach are all a part of what you can include on your Pinterest board. Your style inspiration or room designs can act as short term more materialistic goals to achieve while yearly or even monthly vision boards can act as image-based support. Pictures become a tangible representation of these goals, providing a more accessible tool for your manifestation process.

After making your vision boards, you can refer back to them to remind yourself not only what you can achieve but what you are working towards. Having them on Pinterest makes them portable, where you can access them throughout the day. A personal favorite of mine is to scroll through my yearly vision board before bed. The beauty of these vision boards is that as each year progresses you can look back at your past goals and what you have achieved.

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Sophia is a freshman Apparel Design and Product Development major with a minor in History at Baylor University. Born and raised in San Diego, California, Sophia enjoys discovering new brunch and thrift spots, going to concerts, being creative, and spending time with the people she loves! She is passionate about self-expression, and the diversity of the world.
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