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6 Reasons Why The Super Bowl was SO Iconic

This year’s 2020 Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show was glitter, glam, and had plenty of gold (costumes). Overall it was a fantastic performance and a defining moment in history. Here are the top reasons why this year’s Super Bowl halftime show was iconic.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira

Of course, the Super Bowl halftime show is nothing without its superstar singers. And this year did not disappoint, with the main performers being the legendary Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. With Jennifer Lopez being a talented dancer, entertainer and singer, and Shakira being a talented singer, musician, dancer, and songwriter, these two are #ultimate dynamic duo. Shakira didn’t hesitate to show her talents this year with singing, dancing, and playing both the guitar and drums! Lopez wowed the crowd with her mesmerizing dance moves. 

The Other Performers

Besides the multi-talented Lopez and Shakira, other superstars took the stage this year. This included Latin trap singer Bad Bunny, Latin pop and reggaeton singer J Balvin, and even Lopez’s own daughter, Emme. She took to the stage to sing “Born in the USA ” by Bruce Springsteen and “Let’s Get Loud” by her own mother, Jennifer Lopez. Meanwhile, the background dancers flawlessly executed their dance moves in and out of costume changes. All the performers that night were the ultimate #LatinoGang. 

The Generational Impact

Multiple generations of singers were represented on the stage at the 2020 halftime show. Late 90s and early 2000s music lovers got to listen to “Jenny on the Block ” and “Let’s Get Loud” by Lopez while later 2000’s listeners got to feel nostalgic over “She Wolf ” and “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” by Shakira. Modern music lovers of today were able to sing along to Bad Bunny’s cover of Cardi B’s “Like That”. The future of music was shown in Emme Lopez’s potential-filled performance.

The Messages

Besides nostalgia, the show had important messages that reflect today’s culture. During Jennifer Lopez and Emme’s duet Lopez strutted the Puerto Rican flag proudly, not being afraid to show pride in her culture. There was also a call out of the border crisis in America, with children performers alluded to being in cages.

The Costumes

Anyone who loves sparkles, tassels, and overall boldness in fashion LOVED the costumes on both the main performers and back up dancers. Whether it be Shakira’s hot red or gold two-piece with tassels and boots, Bad Bunny’s 13,000 rhinestone ensemble, Lopez’s form-fitting bodysuits, or any of the lovely background singers outfits, the costumes of the 2020 Super bowl LIV halftime show were all glitter AND gold. And silver. And red.

The Representation

This year’s halftime had not only representation of multiple genres of music, age groups, and performers, the Latinx representation was history-making. Not only were there two Latina women headlining the show, proudly expressing their culture. There were also multiple singers that represent the Latinx community generationally and globally in music. This year’s halftime show also had Middle Eastern representation with the half Lebanese Shakira’s zaghrouta. Overall, the halftime show showed the world the talent in a multitude of cultures.

Overall, this year’s halftime show displayed not only Lopez’s and Shakira’s talents, but the talents of multiple people in both singing, dancing, and crew work. The Latinx representation shown this year was amazing to see as well, especially as a Latina myself. Next year’s performers have a tough show to beat!

Mariah Bennett is Social Media Director and on the editorial team for HerCampus Baylor. She is currently a sophomore at Baylor University. In her free time, she loves reading about the current beauty world, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends and family. She loves dogs, lip gloss, and the color pink.
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