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The Top Five Reasons Why Every Girl Feels Good Wearing Glitter

It’s pretty obvious, there’s only one thing in this world that every girl can’t live without. You guessed it: glitter.

I hear the screams of opposition already. Saying things like, “Um no, goth for life” or “I’d rather eat a worm than be a Barbie gurl.”

But as Fat Amy once said, “Let’s be honest.” You can’t wear one color for the rest of your life. I don’t think anybody’s resume screams, “I want to be a 24/7 Crayola Crayon when I grow up.” 

Thus, every girl loves glitter and these are only some of the reasons why (because we all know there are a lot more than just five #preach).

1. Ke$ha does it.

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This lady rules. It’s as simple as that. If she wants to wear a unicorn hat, she wears her unicorn hat. Nobody questions it. Instead she gets invited to Dick Clark’s Rocking New Years Eve. Wearing glitter means Ke$ha’s VIP. Which leads to backstage pass, selfies with Adam Levine, and an insta shout out from The Bachelorette fan page.

2. It’s the adult version of Lisa Frank.

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If you didn’t own a Lisa Frank pencil case, Lisa Frank notebook, Lisa Frank lunch box, Lisa Frank fuzzy poster in first grade – you just weren’t cool. But then you turned all classic pre-teen on the world and if you owned anything remotely close to Lisa Frank- you once again weren’t cool. Therefore, wearing glitter is every girl’s secret way of expressing their desire to rock the world via Lisa Frank.

3. Real World becomes Fairy Tale World.

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All your wishes and dreams come true. Like that ‘Once Upon a Time’ stuff Mickey Mouse is always talking about.  Let’s face it, unless we’re Cinderella (all right, throw in a little Sleeping Beaut.), shooting stars and birthday candles WON’T COME TRUE. A pinch of Lizzie McGuire, a few Euros and the Trevi Fountain…girl, you’re golden.

4. Every moment is Polaroid worthy.

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Walking down the sidewalk – pause – rando takes a Polaroid that magically appears (doesn’t only happen at Hogwarts). Sitting in the passenger seat – time out – passerby takes a Polaroid. Buying a stick of peppermint gum – hold on – stranger takes a Polaroid. [shrugging] It happens.

5. You become a tube of red lipstick.

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Preferably Poppy by Origins. * Insert T-Swift cameo * Have you ever seen her music video Mean? Or 22? Or Blank Space? Paparazzi pics? #RedLipsEverywhere. A girl gets down in the dumps thinking about all the shades of lipstick she claims she can’t “pull off.” Untrue. False. A dash of glitter and that all changes. 

Call me cliché in two seconds.

Live Large and Sparkle.


xo Flo

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