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Three of the Best Portland, Maine Restaurants

#1: Nosh Kitchen Bar on Congress Street in Portland is a gastro pub, and it is a favorite for me! Their menu takes comfort food to a gourmet level.  One of their most popular dishes is the fried mac and cheese burger.  This option is good for people who can’t decide between a burger or cheesy goodness; it’s the best of both worlds!  There's something special about breaded mac and cheese that’s deep fried and used for hamburger buns.  It is a must-try, especially if you love comfort food!

#2: Located on the corner of Dana and Fore St., Central Provisions really hits the hearts of food lovers with its close-knit tables, open kitchen, and creative twists on comfort classics creating an at-home environment. With its unique menu, Central Provisions offers small plates, or tapas, with ingredients not often thought of in certain well-known dishes. The bread and butter plate put a whole new meaning on peasant food and amped it up– ever so clever! The English pea butter wasn't in fact the main act; the fresh farm egg slightly frothed atop the butter trumped the show. This combination was nothing I've ever had before and the bread was from Standard Baking Co. adding to the godly flavors. Another favorite dish of mine was the bone marrow toast. Personally, I am used to bone marrow right off the bone, so I expected I would be spreading a heavy coat of bone marrow onto a piece of toast. However, I didn't even have to lift my knife to start spreading as they already did it for me. The bone marrow was generously spread with the additions of fontina, horseradish cream, and onion jam baked to a perfection. Genius! And more than I could have ever hoped for. I am thankful that this particular tapas has been produced in my town, and it will never disappoint. Central Provisions is a diamond, a hidden treasure in the streets of Portland, Maine.  

#3: The Old Port restaurant Fore Street gets a 4.4/5 rating on Google, offering exquisite hand-crafted daily-rotated menus. The food is locally provided, adding to the authentic Portland vibe. This upscale American venue brings not only excellent food but refined taste that pleases everyone at the table. The menu consists of three parts: appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Their bread, from Standard Baking Co., right below the restaurant, is a must eat. (Stop by downstairs for more tasty treats!) The pork belly was a phenomenal appetizer to start off the lineup of amazing food. It was a crowd-pleaser and one of Fore Street's most popular dishes. My entree pasta was mixed with cheese and mushrooms garnished with radishes. Delish! I didn't get dessert this time... maybe a reason to return...  


Main image courtesy of portlandmaine.gov

Photos provided by Charlotte Janelle

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