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Are you planning to stay on campus for Thanksgiving break? There are many events and trips that are sponsored by Office of Campus Life, Office of International Student Programs, Multifaith Chaplaincy and other school organizations. Here are some cool events and places you should attend and go during the Thanksgiving break at Bates:

  • Trips
    There will be several shopping trips. If you haven’t visit Freeport yet, please don’t miss Saturday afternoon trip to Freeport. It’s the perfect place to shop winter gears. Also there will be Black Friday Maine mall trip on early monday morning. Don’t forget to RSVP — RSVP is required for these trips. 
  • Restaurants
    Forage Market, Mother India, Fish Bones, and many other restaurants will be open during the thanksgiving break. If you didn’t have chance to try local Lewiston/Auburn restaurants, it will be good time to visit and try their dishes. Also, Office of International Student Programs will host Mother India Buffet Van Trip on Sunday and it only costs $5.00 for each student’s meal! Don’t miss it! 
  • Entertainments
    On Monday night, Multifaith Chaplin will host meditation and brunch. Join meditation and enjoy a cozy home cooked brunch with friends and faculties. Also, on Tuesday night, Office of International Students Program will host $3 Movie night. Everyone on campus is invited. 

For more information about campus activities during the break — Click Thanksgiving at Bates 

Hope you all have a great thanksgiving break! 

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