The Spookiest College Halloween Costumes

Halloween is today! How exciting, right? I know many people are still looking for a last-minute costume, so allow me to share with you some of the spookiest Halloween costumes imaginable for a college student.

  1. Being ghosted. A true horror of a phenomenon- who of us actually likes being ignored by someone we’re into?
  2. Failing an exam. No further explanation needed, I think.
  3. No Wifi. True story: during finals or midterms one year, the entirety of Bates Wifi shut down just before I needed to turn in an assignment online. To this day, I get nervous about the Internet when turning in assignments before deadlines.
  4. A letter of expulsion, à la Harry Potter’s Howler letter.
  5. A good old pregnancy scare and the inevitable existential crisis that follows. Duh.
  6. Dropping something ceramic on the stairs in Commons, having it shatter and its contents spill everywhere on the floor, and then people clap.
  7. Not knowing about a huge assignment until 5 minutes before it’s due.
  8. Missing your flight. True story number 2: I’ve actually done this before. Would not recommend. This is why I do my absolute best to get to airports a minimum of 2.5 hours before my flight is supposed to board, so as not to repeat the experience.
  9. Sleeping through a final exam.
  10. Running across campus to avoid being late to campus, physically running into an ex, seeing all of the people you’re trying to avoid seeing, tripping and falling in front of your crush who then tells you that you’re not their type, getting to the classroom only to be locked out because you’re too late. Or is that just me?

Happy Halloween!