"S.O.S.," The Jonas Brothers Are Finally Releasing New Music

You might have heard already, but if you haven’t, allow me to inform you. The Jonas Brothers are releasing a new song tomorrow, March 1, at 12:00 AM, and people are hyped to the max.

It’s been approximately a millennia (it’s been 6 years) since their last release, and honestly, two of their past albums’ names are a bit on-the-nose in this situation: “A Little Bit Longer” and “It’s About Time.” In order to celebrate the upcoming release, they uploaded an Instagram video recreating their old “Oh, how the tables have turned” clip, and it’s almost hilarious to see how much they’ve changed. Nick has a booming solo career, Joe’s the frontman for the band DNCE, and Kevin’s in real estate. How the tables have turned, indeed.

“The Late Late Show with James Corden” teased a new Carpool Karaoke session with the Jonas Brothers with a sneak peek of the new song, “Sucker,” and needless to say, JoBro fans everywhere are “Burnin' Up” in anticipation. (I do not apologize for that pun. It was 6 years in the making.)

Let’s revisit some of their most iconic songs, shall we? There’s “S.O.S.,” a deceptively peppy breakup song:

“Burnin' Up” is, of course, a song about wanting another person really badly.

“Lovebug” is dedicated to finding “the one” after believing they would never appear, and rethinking previous jaded attitudes towards love. Also, the music video is adorably vintage, apparently to parallel "The Notebook," and also stars Camilla Belle and Josh Boswell.

Who can possibly forget “Year 3000” and its subtle references to “Back to the Future” and global warming (why else would they be living underwater?) and its many iconic lines, such as “boy bands, and another one, and another one,” “your great-great-great-granddaughter is doing fine,” and “This song had gone multiplatinum/ Everybody bought our seventh album/ It had outsold Kelly Clarkson.”

Anyone else remember “Paranoid?” The music video is a bit freaky, honestly, but still a good song.

“When You Look Me In The Eyes” is such an underrated love song, truly. Take a listen and just try to say that you don't melt a little bit.

I would be remiss to overlook the total bop “Play My Music” from the classic film, “Camp Rock.” Tell me this song doesn’t make you dance around your room playing air guitar.

Am I excited? Yes. Are you excited?