Real Texts Bates Girls Have Received from Guys

There’s nothing like looking down at your phone and seeing a swarm of messages from a guy. But these aren’t your typical friendly messages, I’m talking about the “you up” text to the angry texts.


From iMessage to Facebook to Instagram DMs, guys these days are relentless when it comes to a girl they like. And ladies it’s time we expose them for the sometimes crazy but mostly funny messages they send.


This study takes a look at the messages guys send and examines the mind frame they are in. I will be categorizing these texts into three groups into a somewhat logical flow. First, we will delve into the “hi, think you are cute” phase. This is when you are first texting a guy and he’s being very sweet. Then, we move into the classic “you up?” text, things have progressed at this stage and he has one thing in mind. And finally, when he shows his true colors: the “let’s be friends” and/or “I’m just not that into you.”


Example A: Flirty Texts


This is your classic example of the first texts you can receive from a guy, super nice and him trying to act casual but he a 100% wants to see you later that night.

2) Here, the subject is becoming more and more relentless. He is very persistent.


Triple date.

4) ???

5) Realistically.



He really did follow through, but maybe not in his room next time...


Tinder is always bad news bears.

9) Or maybe not.

Example B: The Hookup Texts


It's 12:13 AM and he wants to see you, that could only mean one thing. And he doesn't want to talk about you his dream job.


Slurred speech is one thing but typos is another story.

3) Most often, when a guy says "I'm a nice guy" there's a 1000% chance he isn't.

4) This poor boy was cold.

5) This subject just really wants to hang.



8) At least he is attentive.


And this guy knows his true form.


Fun fact: Everyone Loves Excuses

Example C: The fun is over and true colors are shown.

1) This is never a good sign.


Well, that escalated quickly.


Mumps made a shocking come back in 2016.


Her knight and shining armor


And finally, a guy who admits he is wrong. This is a very rare occurrence.


Of course, there are a ton more of these types of text but these are the cream of the crop. They exemplify the guys you can find at Bates. So good luck out there ladies!