Our Favorite Instagram Handles

This week Her Campus Bates compiled a list of our favorite Instagram handles! 

1. @weworewhat - Danielle Bernstein has incredible street style. Her account is the perfect daily dose of outfit inspiration.
2. @roxy - Roxy always has the best adventure photos (sand and snow) to dream about. Not to mention the insanely cute work out clothes in all of the inspiring posts.
3. @humansofny - HONY will restore your faith in humanity.
4. @mydogwantsmyfood - Lucy's a super cute beagle and the account features her staring longingly at Bridget's food, which always looks delicious.
5. @new_fork_city - If you like hunting out the best (and most beautiful) food in NYC, this account is the perfect guide for you.
6. @daddyissues_ - Violet K. Benson speaks to every girl’s inner psycho and it’s fantastic. 
7. @amberfillerup - Amber Fillerup Clark creates the most incredible braids. Besides being blessed with amazing hair, she also has the cutest family ever…
8. @menwithpups - Men + dogs. That is all. 
9. @johanneshuebl - His “Sundays” posts with wife, Olivia Palermo, makes us instantly swoon. 
10. @kyliejenner - Whether you love her or hate her, Kylie Jenner and her insta account are pretty major. 
11. @somethingnavy - Arielle Noa Charnas’ pregnancy style is groundbreaking. Her non-pregnancy style is also pretty incredible too. 
12. @nicolconcilio - This account features awesome makeup tutorials. Her halloween makeup videos are our favorite!
13. @thedogist - This account is an inspiring tribute to our furry best friends. 
14. @gigihadid - On top of being a supermodel, Gigi Hadid is becoming a style icon. Ugh, goals. 
15. @urbanoutfitters - This is the perfect account for on-trend clothing, accessories and apartment decor. 
16. @batescollege - This account is essentially the Bates version of HONY. All hail Phyllis Graber Jensen.
17. @foodintheair - This is your go to reference for food and travel.
18. @damselindior - Jacey Duprie's insta encompasses fashion, lifestyle, travel and home decor! If you love minimalist style, this is the account for you. 
19. @buzzfeedfood - Recipes and tips for real and wannabe chefs. 
20. @hercampusbatescollege - Sorry, shameless plug. Real talk though, follow our account for good laughs and updates about Bates!