New Tunes Thursday: "RIP Cuffing Season" Edition

“It’s not cuffing season anymore”

Let’s be honest- cuffing season has ended as the weather has gotten warmer, and sometimes it feels best to listen to some songs that just ~understand your angst~ over the ended relationship.  Whatever mood you’re in, you should find a track for you on here.

The Weeknd- the entirety of the EP “My Dear Melancholy”

There are no real standout songs on this EP, but rather the tracks work together to form one cohesive story of past and current heartbreaks.  With personal details casually thrown within lyrics and consistent updates from TMZ, it’s easy to place who the songs are about (cough, cough Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez, cough), but besides the clear subject matter, it is easy to put yourself in his shoes and vibe to the album, that contains songs with backgrounds provided by producers such as the Kanye-approved Gesaffelstein.  It’s a callback to his beginning albums, mixtapes, and EPS that I have missed in his past more commercial, recent albums. Perfect for mixed, confusing relationships, especially those ending where both parties were hurt in some way, this EP is a definite must-listen.

Gnash- “the broken hearts club”

A great acoustic track, this is sure to be Gnash’s follow up to “I hate you, I love you”.  With a melodic and simple backing of a few guitar chords and lyrics such as “Ever since you left it seems like you won’t leave me”, this song is the perfect representation of what it is like to date and breakup at a smaller college/university such as Bates, where the odds you run into them in Ladd or Commons are high.  From past hits and this current song, it seems as though Gnash’s niche is indie breakup anthems- something that they have truly excelled at, as they’re incredibly good at nailing the feeling of being broken hearted.

Billie Eilish- “bitches broken hearts”

Another great song about breaking up and/or being in an off/on relationship, this song nails the feeling of being in both.  This song, while keeping a very relaxed and slow beat, is a confidence booster because it reminds you that, odds are, there are times where they do miss you, while reminding the listener that they can move on and be comforted by someone new (whether that’s being comforted by friends or a new person).

Cardi B- “Be Careful”

WHAT A BOP.  On "Be Careful", Cardi B pours out her heart and emotions about Offset (presumably due to continuous references to situations that they have been going through that TMZ has been documenting), and as a result creates an anthem for all those who have been in a more one-sided relationship.  As someone who has been through relationships where it is clear that my partner is less invested than I was, it is very validating to hear someone put the feelings that I felt into a song (especially when it is Cardi B, who I absolutely love).  If you want a song to listen to when you are either A) in a fight with your significant other, or B) just want to get ready to go out for the night and want the ~strong, independent,“don’t test me” mood~, I would put this on your playlist or queue.

Mø- “Nostalgia”

If you are in the mood to reflect on a past relationship, but harbor no ill feelings towards your partner, the song “Nostalgia” by Danish singer, Mø, is for you.  Looking back on prior relationship memories, and telling both the ex-partner and the listener that while “I know you’re hurting” the “sun shines when the cloud breaks” during a sweet nostalgic electro-pop track with a beat reminiscent of a house track blends together to make a really great song that is both cathartic and catchy.