New Tunes Thursday: "Darty Szn" Edition

With warm weather on the way and Short term coming, it means that Darty season will have arrived at Bates College.  We'll have more time to go out, have fun, and let loose- something that after Finals, I'm sure we all need.  Here are some recently released songs that have charted to consider adding to your playlist for the party or the pregame.

Rich the Kid- “End of Discussion” and “Lost It”

Following up the released singles from the album, “Plug Walk” and “New Freezer”, there was high hopes for the rest of the “The World is Yours”, and Rich the Kid did not disappoint when it came to the tracks.  My personal favorites from the album are “End of Discussion”, featuring Lil Wayne, and “Lost It”, featuring Quavo and Offset (rip Takeoff, the Kevin Jonas of Migos).

Lil Yachty- “66”, “Baby Daddy”, and “She Ready”

Despite his “interesting” performance at Bates College (moshpit, anyone????), Lil Yachty has bounced back with a new album that you should expect to be featured on the pregame playlist, if not the party playlist.  While still “Mumble rap”, Yachty has managed to acquire an impressive list of features that include PnB Rock, Quavo, Tee Grizzley, Offset, and yes, Lil Pump.

N.E.R.D, Rihanna, and Drake- “Lemon- Drake Remix”

While you may be mildly sick of hearing this song at parties and just in general, the newly released version with a Drake feature refreshes it enough to add it to the pregame playlist.  Drake’s verse is in the beginning, which switches it up from the original order, and then the song continues with both Pharrell and Rihanna’s verses, which allows for anyone to be able to sing along.

Tee Grizzley and Moneybagg Y, “Don’t Even Trip”

In my opinion, Tee Grizzley is a totally an underrated artist, and his recent release, “Don’t Even Trip,” is the perfect example of this.  With a good beat and catchy verse, it could possibly be the spring version of “Gucci Gang”, but with a more ~intense~ beat.

Belly- “4 Days”

Ever since he opened for the Weeknd’s last tour, I’ve been following the Canadian rapper, and he has not disappointed.  The recent drop brings together DJ Mustard and YG, both West Coast performers who have been incredibly successful in the past few years.   While the name DJ Mustard does not really make many think of any songs, he has produced songs such “Rack City” by Tyga, “I’m Different” by Two Chainz, and the recent drop by Lil Dicky, “Freaky Friday”.  He didn’t disappoint with the production and beat on this track, while YG adds a great verse to feature on the track that pairs nicely with Belly’s almost Drake-esque singing tone.

Cardi B- “Drip (feat. Migos)”

Dropped within days of this article, this track pairs both Cardi B and her (possible?) fiancé’s trio, Migos.  The verses that are done by Migos are reminiscent of those of the hits on their recent album, “Culture II”, while Cardi's tone is confident and strong, back to the headspace that was reminiscent of that from "Bodak Yellow" and her other huge hits that made her famous. Migos continues to not disappoint, and neither does Cardi; based off of this, I'm excited to hear the rest of the songs from her upcoming album.  This is a need on pregame playlists, as it's sure to get you into the same self-confident headspace that Cardi boasts on this track.