For the Love of Being Tan

Students are slipping on the sidewalks, post-shower wet hair is freezing upon stepping outside, and girls are breaking out the fracket for the chilly walk over to parties. You know what that means: winter has officially arrived at Bates. Personally, nothing about winter gets me excited; I hate being cold, the lack of sunlight depresses me, and, of course, finals week is looming. But my least favorite part about winter? Being pale. Recently, however, I discovered the sheer beauty of artificial tanning, which brings me to the subject of this article: spray tans.


Nowadays, spray tans seem to have a bad rap.

“Spray tans turn you orange”

“You don’t really look like that when you’re naturally tan”

“Spray tanning makes you look fake”

“Spray tans don’t last as long, so what’s the point”


But, quite honestly, the magic of a spray tan during the winter is undeniable. When I’m bronzed and glowing post-spray tan, my confidence is instantly boosted. My clothes look better, my body looks appears more toned, and my green eyes are virtually popping out of my head. A little bit of color on your skin really makes you look much more, well, alive! Especially during these long winter days when you may not be feeling your best, a spray tan is a quick way to start feeling like yourself again.


Located five convenient minutes from Bates, Sun Tan City offers deals on spray tans all the time. They are constantly handing out free or discounted spray tans, so staying bronzed through the winter is simple and inexpensive!


Don’t let the stigma of spray tans deter you from getting one. They are easy, cheap, safe, and you’ll look great after it!