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The LII Super Bowl is this Sunday, February 4th at 6:30 pm. And I will be rooting for the Eagles.  Despite my current surroundings and the constant teases from my Patriots-born-and-raised roommate, I will be proudly wearing my Eagles t-shirt and singing our catchy cheer song this weekend.  American football isn’t my favorite sport though—it is too stop-and-go, with too many commercials, and too many injuries.  However, being from PA, I am sincerely hoping that the Eagles are able to scrape by with their first-ever Super Bowl win, even though their star quarterback, Carson Wentz, will be unable to play due to a torn ACL and LCL.

If you are a true Patriots fan or Eagles fan or football fan, you already know the best ways to watch the game and enjoy the celebrations.  If you aren’t, I have a few tips for how to make it more than just watching the half-time show (although Justin Timberlake is definitely going to kill it).

  • Complete your homework before the start of the game.  You do not want to be worried about your Calculus problems or Spanish essay for three hours.  Plus, you can rest up for the week and start your Monday the right way.
  • Find a group of people to watch the game with in a cozy space. Maybe a common room or dorm room.  Be sure to bring blankets and slippers.
  • Invest in snacks.  Football games are nothing without good food.  The Burrito Guys are fulfilling orders for the game (http://tinyurl.com/burritoGuys). Or you could make your own creations using Pinterest recipes. 
  • Have other mindless activities available.  One good thing about American football is instant replay.  Feel free to have other games out during the game because even if you miss something, you will see it at least three more times.
  • Check social media.  The updates and hashtags are always hilarious.  You might even want to post something of your own, especially if those Pinterest recipes turn out well.
  • Most importantly, make sure there is some distance between your friends from Philadelphia and your friends from Boston.  It will inevitably be a contentious battle and you do not want to be caught between these two groups of fans. 

Enjoy your weekend and go Eagles!


Main image courtesy of NFL Memes

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