Campus Cutie: Zaq Shabman '16

Friends, Bobcats, countrymen, lend me your ears. This week Her Campus Bates is pleased to feature the charming Zaq Shabman as Campus Cutie! Zaq has made a large impression on Bates during his time here. He’s well known for his athleticism, outgoing personality and his impeccable ability to hit low notes that leaves Bates girls swooning. Check out my interview to learn more about this campus cutie!
Name: Zaq Shabman
Class: 2016
Hometown: Scarsdale, NY

Area of study: Economics

What are you involved in on campus? Manic Optimists

What are some of your hobbies? Freestyle rapping, Listening to Young Thug, Playing the Ukulele and Fireworks.
Something we don't know about you? I was a varsity letter winner in both soccer and football. I also have the biggest hands at Bates College but you may have already known that.
Tell us about your singing career: I tried out for a solo in the fifth grade and ended up getting the part. It started out as a joke but I've been singing ever since. It's one of my favorite things to do here at Bates.
What's your spirit animal? Just imagine if a koala bear met a hippo during mating season.
What have you enjoyed most during your time here at Bates? A lot of people come to Bates to become grounded in social sciences. I have found that I have been grounded and continue to be grounded by my friends. I want to shout out to my 77 housemates/ The Alliance, my teammates along the way and lastly the Manops. I truly love and adore the friends I have made here and thank them for making my college experience.
Describe some of your goals for the future: I want to work a job I enjoy. I want to have a big family. I want to marry a nice Jewish girl that I can bring home to Mom.
*Cue all the Jewish girls raising their hands*
If you could fly anywhere tomorrow, where would you go and why? Tel Aviv, Israel it’s my home away from home…. or maybe a safari. I heard the rainforest is pretty chill.

One word that describes you? I couldn’t think of one so here are a few… Passionate, Honest, Loyal and Ridiculous.

What would you do if you won the lottery? I would buy a collection of ancient fossilized sea creatures from the Mesozoic Era only. I would throw a buck wild boat party for the boys and then I would give the rest to hungry children.
Favorite Food? If it’s edible, I’ll probably eat it.
Favorite quote? “If you don't think every day is a good day, just try missing one.”
Zaq, thanks for being you and making Bates great!